Elements On How To Become A Better Photographer

Elements On How To Become A Better Photographer

Memories are the best part of living your life to the fullest. The memories you create on a daily basis regardless of how big or small are the building blocks of your experiences. Memories serve as your remembrance in whatever purpose it may help.

Photography provides you an avenue to share how creative your minds is in capturing a significant picturesque of a particular subject. Passion and dedication, as well as enjoyment, are the main factors that will make you great in your ability.

That said, there are necessary steps or things you might want to know to be successful in this kind of field. Consider the elements listed below that might work for you on how to improve your craft and be a better photographer.

Take time to read the guidebook.

It’s not a bad habit to review. Given the fact that you already know the basics of photography, it is still good to read manuals and guidebooks. Every camera has different features and functions that may differ from one to the other.

Make sure always to extend your knowledge regarding its usage and its particulars.

Evaluate and Know your Camera Settings

Always know the principal factors of your camera settings. Check the lighting and the environment if it’s appropriate for the subject or event. Below the are three essential things you should consider in your camera settings.

  • Aperture – this refers to the measurement of a camera’s opening where the light goes through to see your shot.
  • Shutter Speed– the point of time given for the light to enter the lenses.
  • ISO– it refers to International Organization for Standardization. It measures the amount of responsiveness or sensitivity that enters your camera.

As a photographer, you always need to find stability between these three things to create a perfect shot. The weight and power of light together with the total number of time given to light that passes through the shutter speed create an excellent photograph.

Read, Branch Out and Share

You may want to try researching and studying your subjects. Look up any magazines or web-based photographies that will give you a lot of hints and ideas on how you deal a specific image.

Ask other professional photographers about their work. Learn ideas from them and ask some helpful guidelines that may be useful as you take on your next project.

Always familiarize the story of your photos. Make sure that your subject also coincides with your background and other things that you will include in your work.

Make Practicing a Habit

Yes! Practice makes perfect. Don’t feel as if you know everything even though you have been specializing your craft for quite some time. Remember that every day is a learning process. Maintain a positive attitude and be humble all the time.

Go out and Shoot

Explore the world. From the smallest to the most significant subject that you are going to capture, put your 100% dedication to it. Do not choose. Always give your best foot forward and effort to every project.

Find your style

Once you are done practicing and going out to explore the world and get your subjects, you always need to discover and develop your style. You need to find out the uniqueness of your photograph. Usually, when you are satisfied and feel happy about your work, this is where you have discovered your style.

Editing and Printing

The same thing on how you study the guidebook for your camera to know its features, always make sure to understand the basics of editing.

Your lighting, brightness, sharpness, and contrast of your photo should not overwhelm your subject anyway. Make sure that your image should look natural upon printing.

Be an Inspiration

As you learned everything about the basics of beautiful photography, always be an inspiration to the people who are yet to start this kind of skill. Share your expertise and best practices.


Perhaps to some people, photography is boring. Once an image is captured, they may say that it’s already okay. It may sound right, but it’s always better to capture memories as best as possible because they only happen once and Magnet Me knows a lot about it.