Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Content marketing has gain recognition as an important online marketing strategy. Businesses are producing content of all types at a much-accelerated rate. But still, they are unable to target the desired audience. The reason behind is that the content is being not optimized.

By optimizing the content, you provide essential data to the search engines.  The search engines use this content to display it in the search engine result page when a user enters the particular keyword or the key phrase. Content is in the form of text, images, videos, and news is now included in the search result.

Below are some tips on how to optimize content in each of these four formats – text, image, videos, and news.


Website content optimization is important for all written text. Optimizing your text for landing page plays an effective role as it includes the information about the other contents.

1. Title tag

One of the most important elements of the website optimization is the title tag. It tells the audience what the page is about in few words. The title on the every web page should be unique. It helps search engine in crawling.

According to SEO point of view, the length of the title should vary between 50-60 characters. The Google typically displays this length of title only. The title should be properly placed in Meta description, Meta keyword, body etc.

2. Meta description

The Meta description is displayed as a snippet on the search engine result page (SERP) when a user searches for a particular keyword.  It is the key aspect of information for your audience. It basically gives a brief about what your audience will find when he/she will visit your website. The ideal Meta description length should be 150-160 characters. Beyond that Google will cut it off from your snippet.

3. Meta keyword

Meta keywords are somewhat similar to Meta description. Although it directly does not help search engines in improving page ranking. It is the specific type of Meta tag that appears in the HTML code of the web pages.

 4. URLs

A keyword-rich URL provides search engines with even more descriptive information about your content.  Search engines also look to your URL to figure out what your content is about and it is the first thing that is being crawled.


Content Optimization

Content Optimization

An image makes an article more vivid. So, always attach a relevant image to the content.  When you optimize an image, make it as small as possible by using the right image compression.

1. Alt tags

Alt tag serves as the alternate text and is displayed when the image is not available due to any reason. The image does not appear due to various reasons.

1. Sometimes the image does not appear due to poor internet connection or because the image does not load correctly.

2. If the text-reading software is being used, it is the alt tag that read the image text on the image.

3. Use simple text rich phrase in your in your alt tag to describe your website image.

2. Image tags

Similar to alt tags, image tags shows the words that should appear when a user scrolls or hovers over an image. It helps your audience in understanding the context of your image. So, choose the correct text to describe your image and sit should contain the relevant keyword.

3. Filename

Always use a descriptive name for your image. Although the image tag and alt tag describe search engine than what the image is about an appropriate file name provides the contextual information on how the image is related to the content.

4. File size

Reduce the file size as much as possible. Heavy file creates the problem in loading. So, adjust the file size of your image so that the website can handle it properly.


Today it becomes easier to make video content. Video content goes viral in a very short period of time. It is not necessary to make a professional video. Just make it interesting, useful, and enjoyable.

For video marketing, branded channel plays an important role as it helps in brand recognition.  Video title, video description, and on-site optimization play a key role in optimizing the video for the search engines.




Every business produce industry related news. So, optimizing the news can assist you in reaching to your targeted audience. So, submit your article to the Google news.  Create the separate page for each article.  Your news article should be keyword optimized. So, include the relevant keyword in the body of the content. But avoid keyword stuffing. Your news headline should be interesting in order to grab the audience.

Moreover, the content optimization is an integral part of the content development and online marketing process. Your content will be successful only when it is well optimized as per the above optimization method.

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