Digital advertising is an undeniable part of any business. It generates massive revenue when done correctly and strategically. Moreover, it can effectively boost a company’s brand image, reputation, and visibility, increasing profits.

Invariably, ad fill rates are essential for any digital marketing campaign to succeed because a poor rate can adversely affect your website capacity to generate income. Simply put, you may not make as much money from your website as you intend to do, resulting in losses.

What are fill rates?

Before moving on to certain chief aspects of the fill rate, you must first understand the concept. People invest in online advertising because it works brilliantly to boost their income and reputation. It is a fact that the global digital advertising industry is worth billions of dollars and is estimated to increase in the coming years.

So, where does the fill rate come in this scenario?

Fill rate is the ratio between the total number of ad requests made by your server versus the actual number of ads delivered successfully. In other words, an ad network fill rate is the total number of advertisements that satisfy requests. So, an optimal rate is when an ad appears every time there is an opportunity to be visible to a visitor. A less than optimal rate is when the ad fails to appear for various reasons, such as technical errors, lack of demand, etc.

What is the average fill rate?

Since most websites generally use more than one ad network, it can be challenging to determine the industry’s average fill rate. The fill rate also depends on the quality of advertising networks and the competition among your niche.

That being said, most ad networks will promise a rate of twenty to thirty percent, with some going as far as fifty-five percent at the most. This means you should look for a more ambitious and experienced network offering ideal ad fill rates because this can help you boost your revenue faster.

Ideally, a reliable ad network should be able to effectively help boost your profits by at least fifty percent more in a reasonable amount of time.

How to maximize the ad network fill rate?

There are many super-effective ways to increase ad network fill rates. Some of the common and highly productive ones are listed below.

  • Partner with a quality and dependable network – Note that your ad network’s quality, ad supply, and overall performance will significantly impact your fill rate. So, if you have a large website but hire a small network, it may not meet your demand volume. Therefore, select a network that can meet your requirements without hassles.
  • Enhance your targeting – To serve quality ads, you must leverage behavioral and contextual targeting, enabling you to display relevant ads to visitors.
  • Ensure high website speed – Ads will load faster and more efficiently on your website if it is fast, reducing the number of visitors abandoning your site.
  • Deal with ad blockers – Even though a fill rate may be depicted as a hundred percent, its real value may be far less if visitors decide to block ads.

Furthermore, you can consider multiple ad slots to provide a better user experience rather than showing your visitors the same ad all over again.