When it comes to selling a house, you need to be aware of many things. Since selling a home is complex and time-consuming, success is not always a guarantee. The housing market in Canberra is booming, and the overall real estate market is similar to that of Melbourne. So, the houses are selling out for higher rates, and more people are willing to invest in this city. Besides being a political hub, the city is also surrounded by astounding mountain ranges and has many lush green natural reserves, making it a more lucrative investment.

It will be a big mistake if you decide to sell the house yourself. Remember, the housing market in the city can often be highly competitive, and you might needto get help selling a house in Canberra. So, you must consider hiring a real estate agency to help you get the best deal.

4 Mistakes to avoid while selling your house

Here are some of the mistakes you must avoid while selling your house.

  1. Not thinking practically

Most homeowners tend to get emotional while selling a house. It is expected to get attached to your home over the years. But emotional thinking can hamper your ability to make the best decision when it comes to selling a house. You must distance your emotions from home and treat them as a commodity to make the right decisions regarding its sale. Think practically about the repair work that needs to be done, the selling price, and other factors. Thus, the process will become much easier once you start thinking practically.

2. Not hiring an agent

Not hiring an agent is probably one of the biggest mistakes you could make while selling your house. Hiring a professional agency or an agent will take many things off your shoulders. An agent will work their best to get you a competitive selling price. Moreover, agents have good experience in the field and can offer you the best advice. Besides, agents mediate deals for a living, so they have better negotiation skills that will help them get the best deal. Thus, no matter what, you need to hire an agent. 

3. Setting unrealistic prices

If you get emotional while selling your house, you might set an unrealistic selling price. Your house must be worth a lot to you, but the only actual tangible value of the property matters. Setting unrealistic prices will leave your house on the market for a long time. If a house has been on the market for an extended tie, the buyers usually consider this a red flag and rarely show interest.

4. Not staging your property

Your house might be the perfect house for you, but buyers might have different tastes and preferences about the interiors. A themed house according to your priorities makes it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in that property. So you have to redecorate the house and make it less personalised, making it easier for them to picture their life inside the house. Staging the house will not only help you seal the deal quickly but also it might help you in getting a better deal.