South Bangalore

South Bangalore

Bangalore officially the city is named as Bengaluru is the Capital of Southern Indian state Karnataka. This is the third most populated city in India with around ten million crowds. This city is also the making into a megacity and is the fifth city populated as urban agglomeration in India. This city is located in the Deccan Plateau with an elevation over 900m above the sea level and major hub in India. It is the hub for all commercial activities with the high tech industry.  

Talking about South Bangalore it has been always predominantly in talk for the residential sector. There are many localities that have luxury apartments in South Bangalore and are of great investment purpose.

There are many popular localities in South Bangalore who have various amenities to provide to the user and make their living luxurious.

Talking about various posh areas or localities which offer a luxury apartment in south Bangalore is:

1. First, we talk about is Jayanagar. This is one of the talked residential sectors in South Bangalore which is further divided into 10 blocks. This was one amongst the earliest planned sector in South Bangalore for Luxury apartments.

This place has managed to hold a giant portion of greenery where you may find numerous parks and gardens spread across the landscape.

This area is home to many Bangaloreans with several projects ranging from mid to upper range in apartments. Talking about this area they are being priced at min 12000 rents for 2BHK with varied size and areas. Therefore, This place is self-sufficient and has 4 massive market blocks within themselves which caters to every kind of need in that area.

They have probably all brand stores, restaurant, etc. to meet the resident’s needs. Also, they have a huge shopping mall Swagath Garuda neighbouring Tilak Nagar which serves as the entertainment sport there. There are also several schools near the vicinity and premium medical facilities for the residents. The cherry on the cake is the Metro which is added there.

Luxury apartment in South Bangalore

2. The second area that I am going to talk about a luxury apartment in South Bangalore is Banashankari. This is amongst the largest area in the city spread across 6 states in the place. Also, This area is connected to the Mysore road, Girinagar, Kanakpura road, and many more that are home to many industrial companies. This place was also developed with Jayanagar and is home to many who are working across the IT companies neighbouring Global Tech Village, in Electronic City, on Kanakpura road.

This place is famous again for various mid and upper size builders who are sufficient in providing luxury apartments in south Bangalore.

Electronics City

3. The next place that we are going to talk about is the Electronics City. Hosur Road is popularly known as the Electronics City or in short E-city. This place is spread across 3 phases and is providing shelter to about 3000 companies workforce. Due to this phenomenon, this place has gained more popularity and became famous amongst the residents for investment purpose and made way for buying property in this area.

Huge development has taken place in this sector like farmhouses, branded showrooms, and many more. Thus, There are many apartment complexes being constructed in this locality as well. Renounced builders names like Gokulam, Brigade Group, etc are already in work here. Also, the Metro work is in full swing.

There is also paying guest rooms for working class available here. Massive penthouses and apartment are already catching the eye in this area.

4. The next area we have is the HSR Layout area. This is technical to the Southeast of Bangalore, yet it is much more in demand than any other places in Bangalore. This area is well developed for commercial companies who are working in the vicinity and helps in providing homes to the workforce nearby. Thus, This provides premium bracket as prices are concerned and has a layout of 7 sectors and the development took place here overnight.  This place is easier and a short distance to reach from the Whitefield area.

Natural spillover development in Banashankari and Jayanagar sector

5. The next we are going to talk about is the Kanakpura Road. This place is natural spillover development in Banashankari and Jayanagar sector. This was considered as outskirts area where more of farmhouses were building. But gradually this became the hub and home for people working in the vicinity and then slowly the construction of the massive complex was then started.

The famous names that have their hands on construction are Gokulam, Mantri Group, Brigade group and many more. Also, there are many renowned builders who have their presence there. Also, Talking about rental platforms, South Bangalore has a wide range of rental opportunities for the working class. Therefore, They make sure that the best luxury amenities are provided to them and all these are in the vicinity of the working hubs in the areas of South Bangalore.