Bioethanol Fireplaces

Bioethanol Fireplaces

When we talk about heating alternatives, nothing beats the ambiance and class of a fireplace. Relaxing and being mesmerized by the dancing flames seems like a pretty nice way to spend a cold winter’s evening. Not to mention that several people don’t even have the choice of setting up a fireplace, such as apartment residents, renters and those people who live in areas where covenants are restricting them from owning a fireplace like in some rainforest areas for instance.

Enter Bioethanol Fireplaces

What are they? Bioethanol fireplaces, also known as eco fireplaces, ethanol warmers, alcohol fireplaces and, everything in-between. These innovative fireplaces overcome all concerns, and they offer additional benefits too.

Entirely powered by bioethanol, they are odorless, and clean burning, so they produce no ash, smoke, or embers. Additionally, they do not need any pipes, flues, chimneys or utility attachments, so installing them are a piece of cake.

On the other hand, there are few things you must consider before owning a bioethanol fireplace.

The Expense Range

Remember to consider your budget thoroughly and determine how much you are willing to spend as these kinds of fireplaces can range below $100 to thousands of dollars. Some pieces may seem to be of excellent value because they are big externally, but there is a possibility of these units for having small burners inside which don’t produce much heat.

While it is correct that expensive products don’t fundamentally equal better merchandises, you must only shop for a reasonable and cheaper alternative if it doesn’t compromise on quality and safety.

Purpose and Function

Decide whether you need the fireplace mainly for ambiance or heating. Thinking about the function you want will decide the type of model of the fireplace you buy.

Units with smaller burners usually do not emit a lot of heat and are bought primarily for purposes of art. Fireplaces with bigger burners, on the other hand, will mainly cast more heat and will last longer. Besides, think about whether you want to have something attached to a wall or portable and free standing. So that you can transfer it from one room to another.

Safety and Protection

While bioethanol fireplaces are quite safe when applied correctly and for their deliberate purpose, bear in mind that flammable liquids and open flames always have the potential for physical harm as well as property damage, so you must always handle them with the care and respect that is needed.

Once you have your fireplace, make certain that you read the user manual thoroughly and carefully, particularly the part with the precautions and warnings.

Like any open fire, bioethanol fireplaces pose a safety hazard for kids and pets.  If you have children and pets in your household. Make sure you go for a wall mounted fireplace for them not to reach it.

When buying wall mounted fireplaces, determine the supplier has included all the accessories needed to install the item safely.  These accessories include a steel bar for mounting and the appropriate washers and screws needed for your wall.


Innovative, attractive, and carbon neutral, it’s not a mystery as to why bioethanol fireplaces have become trendy. However, it does not guarantee absolute safety for it always carry the potential to damage your household item and may harm your kids.

Always keep in mind to read the instructions manual carefully and don’t be afraid to ask GStore about the things needed for proper installation particularly for the wall mounted items.