Hair Color Brand

Hair Color Brand

To opt for the safest Hair Color Brand for your tresses, it is important that you go for a Natural Hair Dye that causes no damage to the hairs and scalp. It provides a completely natural experience to color your hairs and it further causes no allergic reactions like those of the chemical hair color brands that are readily available in the present day market scenario. It is important that you opt for a certified brand of organic hair color that colors your tresses with complete care while making for the Best Natural Hair Colour brand in the contemporary times.

Take your pick with Indus Valley’s range of the gel hair colors for this range not only helps impart colors to your tresses in an absolutely organic manner. But in addition, comes with a plethora of added benefits. Therefore, this Best Natural Hair Colour provides for much more than a mere hair coloring experience.

Here are the different benefits of this excellent hair color that makes for the Best Natural Hair Colour of the present:

Hair Color Brand

Hair Color Brand

  • Free From Dangerous Chemicals:

    Free from dangerous chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, heavy Metals, Alcohol, Resorcinol, Barlum and any other Added Synthetic additives to be precise. Chemical hair dyes which are high in chemical content are known to cause severe allergic reactions and also results in a number of side effects. The primary symptoms include redness, itching, swelling around eyes or eyelids.

    But the continuous use of chemical dyes might as well lead to severe damage to the hairs which can ultimately result in baldness, excessive hair loss and damaged and dull hairs. This amazing product that Indus Valley has to their credit causes no damage to the tresses being a completely Natural Hair Dye.

  • Dermatologist Recommended:

    As their product is free from any such harmful chemicals or additives and it’s completely safe and gentle Ayurvedic essence makes it a doctor recommended a product without any further doubt.

  • A Certified Hair Colour:

    This undoubtedly makes for the Best Natural Hair Colour that bears certifications like that of Bio Naturals as being a completely organic product that contains natural ingredients. With Halal certified ingredients as components. These come with added benefits in terms of hair care that adds to the hair health.

  • Certified Herbs Only:

    This brand of hair color uses Halal certified components only which includes premium quality herbs. Plant extracts and other essential oils that are known to work wonders in terms of hair care.

  • Combats Ageing Process:

    This Natural Hair Dye makes for a brilliant product that is free from Hydrogen Peroxide. It contains the essential goodness of herbs that combat the aging process in an effective manner.

  • 100% Safe:

    Being a completely Organic hair color. It is doctor recommended to be 100% safe hair color. That is free from any kind of side effects or allergies. With gentle herbs and extracts as its components. It is suitable for application on all hair kinds whatsoever.

  • Colors Naturally:

    The magical herbs, plant extracts are specially formulated to provide a natural color shade with a no chemical essence. This Natural hair color, therefore, helps deposit the color on the outer surface of the hair. It doesn’t penetrate the hair shafts in comparison to the chemical hair dyes.

Hair Color Brand

Hair Color Brand

Indus Valley Gel hair Colour provides for damage free results being a Chemical free hair color that contains Halal certified ingredients only. Being 100% Herbal, this hair color makes for a safe product. Thus, That causes no allergies or doesn’t have any side effects to be precise.

This completely Natural Hair Dye is gentle enough for application on all hair kinds. Opt for this herbal range of hair dyes that makes hair coloring a hassle-free experience in an absolutely organic manner. Thus, Indus Valley Gel hair colors make for this all-in-one hair color product that not only colors your hairs with perfection. But in addition, provides for complete grey coverage along with excellent highlight coverage in the most effective manner.

Take your pick with this Natural Hair Dye brand that works best and witness the beneficial goodness of natural care.