Decking materials have changed over the years and every day newer materials are popping up in the market. Are they good? Yes! Are they safe for use? Absolutely! So, this list will contain 5 modern decking materials that are cheap in price, good in looks, and aesthetically pleasing. Lasts for a lifetime and will transform your home in no time. So, stop worrying as its time to get spoil with the huge number of choices. Take a detailed look at these 5 items, which are going to be your new favorite.

The 5 Decking Materials

1. Pressure Treated Lumber 

This wood is tinted green and one of the most popular choices of decking material. With 75% of the decks that are being made nowadays, are made from lumber. It’s easily available for the process. It is affordable and best of all it is easy to carve into any shape that you desire. However, there is only one disadvantage associated with it is that they are not stable dimensionally. It can wrap or split, but if you take proper care of the decks, then none of these will happen.

2. Cedar and Redwood

These woods are naturally beautiful and rich in color, adding value and depth to your decking. They are not full of chemicals and they are 100% resistant to any kind of decay or rot and insects. There are 4 types of cedar, which you can use. They are architect knotty, architect clear, custom knotty, and last but not the least custom clear. However, they are a bit more expensive and their prices can go up to thrice as much as the price of lumber. You can apply a finishing coat every year to keep it shinning and make it look amazing all throughout.

3. Tropical Hardwoods

There are various types of tropical hardwoods, which can be used by you such as ipe, cumaru, massaranduba, Philippine mahogany, red tauari, tigerwood, and so on. They can be hard because of which they are incredibly durable and highly resistant to any insect attacks. They can be a bit difficult to construct into the deck, as they are hard, so professionals who use good quality equipment only does them.

4. Composites

Weary of wood decking? You can get these plastic lumbers, which are selling out fast nowadays. There are loads of professional companies that manufacture top class composite decking made from materials like polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene. They generally contained recycled plastic as well a wood fiber. The best part about using them is that they will not split or warp and is a spill, as well as they, are moisture resistant entirely.

5. Aluminum 

Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Well, even though this option is not as popular as the other is, it is slowly gaining popularity among the people. They will never splinter or rust, let alone rot. So, you can have them for a longer time than any kind of the wood decking. In addition, they are fire resistant, and if you reside in frigid regions, they are not going to get brittle. Another significant advantage of them is that they are lightweight, as well as stronger. So, forget worrying when it rains, as this decking can withstand all.


Thus, these are the 5 cool new materials that you can use to construct your brand-new deck. Remember to call in a professional while doing the decking, as you will need to be careful. Decks are perfect for sitting with your family in lazy afternoons or merely stargazing at night. So, now you can get a deck as soon as possible.