parquet flooring

parquet flooring

Parquet flooring refers to that kind of flooring which is made up of square wooden pieces in geometric design. You have a lot of design options in parquet flooring.

The popular kind of wood used for this type of floor is cherry, beech, maple, oak and other dark woods. During the mid-century, this sort was flooring was staple in modern homes, in areas like dining rooms, kitchens, rec rooms and others. Slowly and steadily it got replaced with tile vinyl, ceramic tile, planks and engineered wood.

Parquet flooring offers several benefits to the user. The floor is durable and easy to clean. It is stain resistant and can sustain spills. In contrast to carpeted floors, it offers environmental benefits. The floor kind is much easier to maintain.

If you see signs of any wear and damage on the outer surface, you may just use sand paper to restore the looks. Sand the outer surface lightly and apply a sealing using varnish.

The floor will get transformed and appear new. The best part about this kind of floor is that you may directly install it over the concrete basement.

Key features of parquet flooring

  • This sort of floor is easy to install. Just like hardwood floor, it gets installed easily like tiled floor. You may just glue the components and so there is no need to use nails. Use urethane-based glue to install the floor within an hour.
  • Since the kind of wood is real wood, you should install this kind of floor above the grade. So, you cannot use the sort of floor for your basement area.
  • It is much thinner than engineered flooring or solid wood flooring
  • It has a rich appearance. Use it in multi layers for that 3D effect.

Parquet flooring was popular in the Post-War time

Wooden parquet floor has a high-toned and rich past. It was popularly used in European mansions, castles, palaces and chateaux. Fine wood feels really gentle below the feet. It has a lot of royalty and elegance attached to it. A skilled artisan can create three-dimensional and lustrous floor by using the material.

This is the wooden floor which installs like tiled floor

Parquet flooring is a popular floor option owing to the ease of installation. No other solid wood floor is as easy to install as this floor. It installs like the tile floor with the help of adhesives. There is no need for any nail. If you want to enjoy the convenience of glue-down floor installation, go for this kind of floor. There is no need for any nailing or hammering.

Parquet floor has made a comeback

As already stated, parquet flooring was used in the mid-century; it has made a great comeback or revival only currently. Now there is a huge demand for prefinished and prefabricated parquet. When it comes to material for floor, beech is more preferred over the oak material. You may also buy pre-fabricated parquet having waved, pre-oiled or finished surface. Manufacturers of this floor try their best to make it as durable as possible. They try and make it easy to care and maintain.

Hardwood parquet floors are popular

Previously, parquet floor was constituting of strips of wood fix into the square blocks. Such strips of wood were very sensitive to moisture. Nowadays, the parquet floor is made up of hardwood or plywood and then laminated.

Such hardwood floor is moisture resistant and might be installed in the basement. The parquet floor is a famous flooring option among the modern homeowners. If you want to give your home a rich and sophisticated look, you may go for it. The kind of floor is environment-friendly and renders a lot of health benefits.