Heathrow Parking

Heathrow Parking

So, you are going out of the station from Heathrow and need to park your car at a place where it would be safe from theft and the environmental damage. This would not be possible unless and until you have someone to take responsibility for our car for that time period.

If you are planning to visit the UK for a short period and plan to take up a parking spot at the Heathrow airport. Then, it could cost you a pretty penny unless and until you follow these simple which will make your stay comfortable. It’s time to meet and greet Heathrow.

Such a scenario requires you contact a company offering services for parking in Heathrow. You just need to contact and explain your needs for parking (like the number of days, departure and arrival time, car model and more). The rest will be effectively looked after by them.

However, before you actually contact a company and book their parking services. You need to have knowledge about the types of parking services available. This will let you make a right and informed decision. Here goes the list of the parking types you can seek services for when you need to leave your car at the airport.

Meet and Greet

This is the type of parking in which you need to book the car parking services in advance. While telling them all the main details of your flight, like departure and arrival. On the day of departure, a chauffeur from the booked company will come to the airport terminal at the given time and will collect your car.

Then on the day of arrival, your car will be delivered back to you at the airport only and the chauffeur will hand over the keys to you. The whole process can be tracked through email, message or phone.

Park and Ride

Most of the hotels you book to give you the option of free parking. It is a better deal than paying separately for a hotel and parking spot. It is an economical way of car Parking in Heathrow. In this method, you will be driving your car directly to the off-site location mentioned by the booked company. You can park your car in the reserved place. And it varies from one company to another that whether they will take the key responsibilities or not.

Then you will go to the airport on a shuttle bus which will be provided by the parking company. Another positive thing about booking a shuttle bus service is it will take you to the airport without wasting any time. On the day of arrival, you will take back to your car again in the shuttle bus service.


It is the most secure and convenient parking but also, it is expensive than the other options. In this, you can take your vehicle directly to the airport parking and park in the reserved slot. On-site car parking allows you to keep the vehicle keys with you as the car is park at the airport only.

The drawback of on-site car parking is that it is not available at all the airports.

All the three methods have their own pros and cons. You can choose the one that seems suitable to you and fits your budget. Apart from these, you also need to check the availability of service i.e. the parking services provided by the particular company you are considering to hire.

Though there a number of such companies which provide services for parking in Heathrow, you need to choose the one that would assure you complete security for your vehicle thereby providing you value for your money.