Kerala Backwater

Kerala Backwater

The mesmerizing beauty of the Kerala backwaters can attract anybody irrespective of their ages. The charm of Kerala backwater is simply enthralling and captivating and is the most applauded by all the tourists. Kerala backwaters consist of 900 km long interconnected water bodies like rivers, lakes, and inlets. Here, we are mentioning top 5 backwater destinations in Kerala.

1. Alleppey backwater:

Alleppey is indubitably the most popular and applauded backwater destinations in Kerala. Alappuzha is affectionately known as “Venice of the east” for its cherubic beauty. Alleppey is famous for its houseboats which will give an opportunity to explore this backwater in a deeper way.

Alleppey houseboats are decorated and are adorned with all the latest facilities like a/c, spacious bedrooms, living area, a sundeck, a fully equipped kitchen and many more things. Many houseboat tour operators offer special honeymoon packages in Kerala houseboat to entice the customers. The core attraction of this place is the snake boat races that are organize here every year on the occasion of Onam to give a treat to the tourists.

2. Kumarakom backwater:

This is basically a group of small islands that are located on the banks of the Vembanad Lake. This stupendous backwater destination is famous for roundabout lagoons, coconut trees, unending rows of waterways, and canals fringed by paddy fields. This is a perfect holiday destination for those who want to get rid of their hectic life for some days. A houseboat cruise on this backwater lake provides wonderful opportunity to see the lots of bird species of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.

3. Kottayam backwaters:

Kottayam is another popular backwater destination in Kerala. This is full of backwater stretches, verdant paddy fields, extensive rubber plantations and many exquisite highlands which make this place an ideal travel destination. This place is best known as the land of three Ls – Lakes, Latex and Letters. This backwater destination also provides the tourists to indulge themselves with the beautiful sceneries of nature. Apart from serene backwaters, there are many worthy places like St. Mary’s Church, St. Joseph’s Monastery and Ettumanoor Shiva temple.

4. Kozhikode backwater:

Earlier, this place is known as Calicut and is one of the eminent backwater destinations in Kerala. This is the place where the famous explorer, Vasco Da Gama landed in 1498 and discovered India for the rest of the world. During the British epoch, Calicut was an important trade place because, from this place, they used to connect with the countries of Arab. The serene backwaters of Kozhikode promise you enchanting holiday experiences. You will also get an opportunity to explore and sail on the Kallai River and Canoli canal on your Kera tour.

5. Kollam backwaters:

Kollam Backwaters is popular for its marine and cashew industries. The travelers can take a regular ferry ride from Kollam to Alappuzha and explore the very facet of the backwater. The total journey takes nearly 9 hours and the entire trip is very exhilarating and relaxing. You can enjoy the beauty of the lake, canal, exotic flora and fauna. The most popular Ashthamudi Lake is the gateway to the magnificent Kollam backwaters.

Exotic Scenic Beauty

Though these places are the mention of its exotic scenic beauty. There is more attractive than the tourist can find otherwise. Kerala has been always considering as the epicenter of Ayurvedic treatment, which is of much importance globally. People from different places come not just for an ailment but also but a complete body relaxation and rejuvenation therapy. Being so much in demand few resorts, also provide special ayurvedic packages and also yoga training to make one’s holiday truly soothing for mind, body, and soul.

Similarly, Kerala cuisine is also popular among people who love tangy and spicy food. Authentic freshly-caught seafood is an all-time hit. Kerala serves total different palate to a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, poultry and red meat typical with rice. Coconut, chilies, curry leaves, mustard seeds, etc. are much used in most of the dishes.

Fact about Kerala Tourism

Another fact about Kerala tourism being so convenient is that Kerala is well linking to with all means of transportation. Be it by air, rail or by road, all destination can access by any of these. Even if you wish to visit other popular places in Kerala, you can easily travel from one destination to other.

If you opt to travel by road and experience the real beauty of Kerala, you can either hire a private vehicle or cab or even use the public transport service and take a long walk through your destination hovering and hopping down the streets and meeting the locales of the place.

All these major backwater destinations in Kerala being in close proximity to major cities, enjoy both metro-lifestyle as well as a culturally rich, authentic village life. Thus, For those missing the pub and love to indulge in serious shopping. Therefore, You can always visit the closest five-star hotels, discos, multiplexes and shopping malls in the nearby cities.

So while you plan your next vacation, do not skip add any/ all these popular places to visit in Kerala.