Cheap Flights To Mexico

Cheap Flights To Mexico

If you intend to explore the most amazing assortment of tequila, tacos, margaritas, mariachi, and nature’s beauty, book cheap flights tickets to Mexico.  With amazingly beautiful beaches like Cabo San Lucas, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Mazatlan. Mexico offers breathtaking exposure to alluring pyramids.

This city of futuristic architecture and modern comforts is the oldest historical capital city of the Americas. Mexico is a home to tourist seeking e next level experience to travel and relax within unbelievable low budget with low airfares.

We take you through the top attractions of Mexico City that would create unforgettable memories and you would love to visit.

Mexico Beaches

Mexico has an array of astonishing beaches on the coastlines spread extensively across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. Few of the beaches like Puerto Escondido used to be towns once. That gradually became popular among the tourist and few others like Cancun have been conceived as resort towns. Other tourists’ favorite beach destinations include Tulum that constitute of the powdery sand and crystal clear water with abundant tourist attractions.

Frida Kahlo Museum

The most visited museum in Mexico, Frida Kahlo is situated in the Blue House of Frida where Frida was born spent her life till her death. Frida along with Diego Rivera, her husband, lived here with other famous Mexican artists. After her death, the place was transformed into the museum that now displays a collection of Frida’s and Diego’s artwork. Also, That reflects illustrates the life and time beautifully.

Museo Soumaya

Museo Soumaya is the modernistic and lavish museum showcasing incredible art and is situated in Polanco’s posh neighborhood. Encircled by luxurious stores, the museum is not very crowded generally. Its patron, Carlos Slim is a super-billionaire of Mexico. Approximately over 60,000 artworks created amid a few centuries by esteemed international artists. Like Dali and Rodin among others are displayed in this famous Mexican museum.

Cancún and the Mayan Riviera

An amazing assortment of Cancún, island of Cozumel resorts and Playa del Carmen fringes the coastline on the Gulf of Mexico, and is collectively known as Mayan Riviera. This significantly embraced place by the travelers. It is approached by over five million visitors during a year. It contributes to over 20% of total revenue of Mexico.

The crystalline water and the mass of people at the Riviera’s broad beaches can be seen enjoying the fun activities. Such as snorkeling, scuba diving and dolphin swims. Thus, This underwater museum is known to be world’s largest gallery housing astonishing sculptures that are submerged up to 8 meters under the water.

The Top of Torrelatinoamericana

This is the most prominent landmark in the Mexico City. The Top of Torrelatinoamericana was known to be the tallest architecture in city once. It still enjoys being the pride as the biggest landmark in downtown at the core central. Thus, The spread metropolis can be easily seen from the top that offer breathtaking view of the Mexico City.

Copper Canyon

Chihuahua is one of the most northerly states in Mexico sharing border with New Mexico. It is the most visited and loved for the captivating Copper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre) in Mexico that is located in Sierra Madre Occidental. Formed by six rivers, the structure consists of steep canyon green colored walls. Therefore, Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacíficoby rail is located in nearby area. That can be explored on horseback or bike to make your travel more adventurous.

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