The Gates to the Capital of India

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, in terms of almost every aspect. At the heart of it all is the capital of the nation, New Delhi. New Delhi is one of the largest and most populated metropolitan cities in the world. It also is home to the Indira Gandhi International Airport which is the largest airport in the country and the busiest in South Asia.

It is the capability to handle tens of millions of passengers annually and, the airport handled over 65.7 million passengers in the fiscal year of 201India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, in terms of almost every aspect. At the heart of it all is the capital of the nation, New Delhi. 7-18.

At its inauguration, it was first handled by the Indian Air Force before being transferred to the Airports Authority of India. Therefore, As time passed it became a hub for aviation in the country and the recently opened terminal 3 made the New Delhi airport the largest aviation hub in all of South Asia.

The terminal itself can handle 30+ million passengers annually and is the 8th largest airport terminal in the world. The airport regularly handles the busiest routes in the country, such as the Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Bangalore and the New Delhi to Chennai flight schedule, which often has more than 10 flights a day, on each route.

Since the airport is one of the most important ones in the country; it is upheld to great quality and standards. And as the AAI have managed to keep it in tip-top conditions and make it one of the best in the world.

It has been conferred with a fair amount of accolades, such as:

1. In 2010, IGIA was named the fourth best airport award in the world; in the 15–25 million passengers category.

2. The Indira Gandhi International Airport stood first in the rankings for 2015 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards.

3. As the passenger traffic grew, the airport was rated as the Best Airport in the world in the 25–40 million passengers category in 2015.

4. In 2015, the New Delhi Airport was given the titles for The Best Airport in Central Asia and Best Airport Staff in Central Asia at the Skytrax World Airport Awards 2015.

5. As the crown jewel, very recently, the New Delhi airport was adjudged as the Best Airport" at Airport Service Quality Awards 2017 in the highest category of airports handling more than 40 million passengers annually.

6. It was also given the honours for Best Improved Airport in the Asia-Pacific Region by Airports
Council International during the same time period.


With such numerous awards and distinctions, it is no wonder that people from all walks of life. Be it business professionals, to ministers and other dignitaries all prefer to travel via the Delhi Airport regularly. Apart from the superb service and amenities, another prime feature of this airport is the connectivity. Being the capital city of the nation, almost every city in the country has a direct flight from New Delhi. Thus, The Airport in Delhi is known for its hospitality and facilities. It is recommended to every passenger to fly through the airport at least once.