Running a small business may seem easier than operating a multi-million-dollar company, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a walk in the park. The truth is that small business owners also have plenty of things to worry about, including IT issues.

There are several reasons why you may require IT support. From simple computer errors to more complex data security access, the concerns are still quite similar, regardless of the industry you are in. If this seems familiar to you, then it may be time to seek out call out IT support service providers to help you.

If you only have a handful of employees, it’s likely that you need them to perform multiple roles to keep the company running smoothly. This means you shouldn’t bother yourself or your staff with technical IT matters that could be easily delegated to somebody else with specialist knowledge.

Still unclear about how small businesses benefit from such a service? Below are seven reasons why outsourcing IT support makes sense for your small business:

1. Cost-Efficiency

The first and, arguably, the best reason your small business should seek out third-party IT support is its cost-efficiency. Seeking IT support from a managed services provider (MSP) can help you save as much as 40 percent on operational expenses. This is primarily because of significantly lower costs of outsourcing compared to hiring additional personnel and purchasing IT equipment.

2. Opens Up Access to More Skills

Aside from being more affordable, choosing to outsource your IT needs also allows you to access more skills than you normally could when hiring in-house IT staff.

It is not a question of whether or not your IT staff is skilled and can work hard enough but an issue of whether they can perform all of the tasks expertly. Remember that your team may only be able to stretch their skills to accomplish the task and may not be able to perform every single one in the best way possible.

With call-out IT support, you can immediately get hold of someone who specializes in whatever IT matter you’re seeking help on. Since they have a pool of experts with varying specializations, MSPs can assign someone who is most capable of dealing with what needs to be done.

3. Faster Problem Resolution

Another perk of acquiring MSP IT support is quicker problem resolution. Although having a well-intentioned in-house team is fine, seeking help from a bigger team of dedicated experts can help you get the right solution, right away. In this digital age, even the swiftest downtime can make you lose a significant amount, so you have to make sure you’re ready.

4. Boosted Cybersecurity

Who says cybersecurity is only for big companies? Nowadays, even small businesses can be targeted by malicious IT experts who dig up information illegally to gain profit. In fact, statistics show that small businesses face a greater risk of cyberattacks compared to bigger firms, with 60 percent reporting hacking incidents annually.

With email hosting services and other managed IT support services, you are able to bolster your company’s defenses against cyberattacks of any kind. Even better, relying on a good IT solutions provider for all your technical needs can help ensure that everything – especially monitoring and security testing – remains safe and secure.

5. Regular IT Maintenance

Computers, printers, networks, and just about any IT hardware requires updates and regular maintenance. Outsourcing your IT needs can make the task simpler and more streamlined. This is because most MSPs provide their clients with a routine maintenance plan to ensure that every piece of IT hardware you need is serviced regularly.

Plus, IT solutions companies can also perform repairs when necessary, executing the task more quickly than in-house IT staff who are bogged down by plenty of service requests ranging from simple computer error fixes to complex cyberattacks. The best part is that reliable MSPs are also capable of maintaining hardware that is no longer supported by its manufacturer, so you can still use your old equipment longer.

6. Redirected Focus of Resources to Your Brand

Choosing to outsource your IT needs is equivalent to choosing to direct your focus and resources on more important matters – like building your brand.

For smaller companies, saving up on labor and equipment costs can do wonders for business as it gives them more flexibility in spending their starting capital on production or product marketing. Plus, it also allows business owners to ensure that all their IT needs are still met.

7. After-Hours Support Without Overtime Costs

Combining the benefit of quick problem resolution and cost-efficiency, another reason why your small business needs MSPs is their availability after the regular office hours. With third-party IT support, you get 24/7 assistance to resolve your IT concerns at any time of the day. The best part is that you don’t need to spend on overtime costs for services rendered after hours.

Why Call-Out IT Makes Sense

In this technologically advanced time, IT support is crucial for a company, regardless of its size. With small businesses, meeting all their information technology needs can be daunting without outside help. Let this article guide you in making the call on whether third-party IT support truly makes sense for the benefit of your business.