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A speech-language pathologist is a professional who helps your kid with different kinds of speech and language disorders. Pediatric speech therapist provides services in which they prevent, assess and as well as diagnose different kinds of disorders.

Different kinds of disorders:-

  • Speech disorder
  • Language delays or disorder
  • Social and Cognitive communication difficulty
  • Dyslexia
  • Swallowing and feeding difficulty
  • Hearing loss
  • Autism
  • Pronunciation difficulties like stammering or stuttering, apraxia, articulation, dysarthria, and articulation.
  • Voice rate and pitch.

So, They also provide treatment for both adults and children. They help toddlers and young adults with mild to complex disorders like all kinds of development delays hearing loss, down syndrome and autism.

Now the question is…

How do they help?

Top 7 ways in which speech therapist helps your child

  • Articulation and Phonology – Speech therapist provide treatment for articulation disorder. So, If your toddler deleting sounds like “mo” for mom, adding sounds like “reded” for “red”, distorting sounds or substituting sounds like “the” for “tea”. Then in this case speech therapist provide articulation therapy. If your kid has difficulty with the entire classes of sounds. Phonation therapy is provided for those kids who have difficulty with different sound errors.

  • Stammering or Stuttering – Stammering therapy provides treatment for stammer or stutter for adults and kids. In stammering people have some disruption in fluency of speech. Therefore, People usually repeat words, hold a single word or sound or inject smaller words in between sentences.
  • Receptive language disorder – Children who have a problem in understanding and listening other people.speech-language therapist teach new vocabulary so that your kid which improve its communication.
  • Expressive language disorder – In most of the cases children have difficulty in expressing them in front of others. Speech therapist not only new guests and new words but also help him in framing those words.  
  • Voice disorder – Pediatric voice disorders like voice misuse or voice abuse is treated with voice therapy. Also, Resonant voice treatment is provided for easy phonation, oral sensation, basic speech production.
  • Social and cognitive communicative difficulty – If your child has cognitive difficulties like memory, learning, dementia, social cognition, complex attention, and perceptual-motor function. Thus, A speech-language pathologist teaches compensatory methods and helps in help in building social skills.

Apart from speech-language pathologist treatment your kid also needs your help and attention. Therefore, always try to spend time while playing and help your child at home with his speech therapy.