Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Attacks

How dangerous is anxiety?

Life is not a bed of roses. You can bet the hell on it. The human mind can subsequently react to any type of feeling, expression, emotion, imagination, etc. It is rightfully said that if you do not control your mind, then your mind drives you. In the end, its all a game of the mind that makes us humans react and respond to the characteristics that are around us physically and intellectually.

Most people experience a mental state where they appear extremely worried. This could be due to several reasons – worry from a misfortune, domestic problems, personal life, professional life, losing something or someone who was precious, etc. There can also be countless reasons due to which a person may enter the state of anxiety or worry.

About 80 percent of the individuals around the world suffer from an anxiety attack. It mainly occurs in adults and seniors. This could be temporary or permanent. Individuals who experience anxiety temporarily will not be affected much as compared to persons who have permanent anxiety. These so-called ‘anxiety attacks’ can occur in a person during depression and tension. In fact, anxiety may not sound a serious thing, but it is deadly enough that it can cost you your life at some point in time.

When you suffer from an anxiety attack, you start developing and/or showing some common symptoms that are no different from a disease or mental disorder. Thus, if you start showing some or all of these symptoms given below, it is likely that you are a victim of anxiety and you should immediately do something about this.

  • Headache
  • Numbness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Choking
  • Pain in the chest
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating
  • Trembling

Anxiety is not something that you can escape from. However, there are some easier ways to deal with such kind of a problem.

6 simple tips to deal with anxiety attacks

Now, in order to release yourself from such terrible mental disorder, here are a few simple solutions. Try these six simple and effective methods and regain your well-being.

1. Stop building thoughts that upset you

Divert your mind from the things that may upset you and cause to have an anxiety attack. Most people often cannot control themselves from thinking about things that are frightening or saddening. Such thoughts, for instance, thinking about or recalling a certain condition or event that disturbed you in the past and you are not able to get it out of your mind.

When you think of such painful things, you suddenly start to over-think and this leads to suffering from anxiety. Therefore, one of the simple solutions is to avoid bringing such thoughts in your mind and instead, think of some positive things. Doing this can really calm your mind and make you feel relaxed.

2. Go for a quick exercise

As you already know, exercising has a lot of advantages over our physical and mental states. Exercise is that form of activity that is essential to our body and mind. It keeps us physically and mentally fit as well as active and full of energy. You don’t necessarily require a gym in order to exercise or work out your body.

Sparing a few minutes of your time, if you have a busy schedule, and doing a couple of exercises can effectively calm your mind from anxiety. So, whenever you experience an anxiety attack, do not let it take control over you. Doing the exercise for 15-30 minutes every day will help you relax from any worries or tension.

3. Look for a change in environment and surroundings around you

Sometimes, sitting idle can compel you to recall those dreadful moments that you wished never occurred. It becomes a complete nightmare. You lose getting sufficient sleep as well. If you have experienced such fearful events and doesn’t let you go easily, get up and go outdoors. Take a walk around the block, go for a drive or a ride or visit a park.

A change in the environment or surrounding around you can help you relieve yourself from anxiety and keep you worry-free.

4. Talk to someone close to you

If there is a problem that is bothering you a lot and taking your sleep away, approach someone who is close to you and understands you well than others. Talk to that person about your problems. Surely, your closest companion will suggest you with better opinions that can help you calm down.

Usually, getting advice and suggestions from a close person can help in solving many problems, whether it’s your personal or professional problem that is haunting you and killing you slowly. A word of wisdom though. You may welcome all suggestions from a person, but it’s your will in the end whether you are going to consider the suggestions offered to you or simply ignore them if you do not find them useful.

5. Take deep breaths for a few minutes

One of the best solutions that can calm you from an anxiety attack is taking deep breaths. Every time we are told to inhale and exhale oxygen to and from our body because it’s a natural healing power.

Whenever you are down with tension or worry, just be still and breathe in and out for a few minutes. You may also count each breath of air that you take in and release. Remember, our mind and brain needs oxygen in order to function properly. So, this justifies the scientific fact of breathing that is equally important.

6. Abstain from alcohol and other intoxicating drugs

If you are a person who doesn’t like mixing around with people and society, you must still refrain from consuming intoxicating substances when having an anxiety attack. Alcohol and drugs aren’t the best solutions to worries or tension. In fact, consuming these further increases the risk of fear, tension, sleeplessness, and violence drastically and you may end up committing suicide.

Well, taking these simple measures which are given above, you will certainly live a peaceful life and also make others around you happy.