teeth bleaching doncaster

teeth bleaching doncaster

Teeth bleaching or teeth whitening is a common technique, and accessible to all because this is a cosmetic process for your dental cleaning and it takes very less time. But there are some associated problems with some teeth bleaching methods and before you go for it, you must know these issues. It is suggested to avoid teeth whitening in your home because you can damage the roots and gums of the tooth and you may suffer severe pain due to this reason. You should consult your dentist, and he or she can prescribe you some medicated toothpaste and solutions for whitening your teeth.

Why Would You Go For Teeth Bleaching?

teeth bleaching

teeth bleaching

Teeth yellowing is a part of the common process of aging. Our hairs become white and our teeth become yellow. It is a common symptom for everyone. But you can also face teeth yellowing due to some other issues. Too much drinking coffee, tea, wine, and smoking is one of the major causes of teeth discoloration. But this is an internal problem which is called dentin, and this is not associated with the external enamel of teeth.

1. Even if you take tetracycline at the early age or if you have too much fluoride in your teeth then also you can face teeth yellowing problems. Apart from that, teeth yellowing can also happen due to some rare dishes like Amelogenesis Imperfecta and silver fillings. In this regard, you can go for the teeth bleaching and whitening of your teeth by a dentist.

2. But you must know one thing that teeth whitening cannot remove brownish and gray colors from your dental settings because the brown coating can affect the upper surface of the teeth enamel due to a toxin and gray stains caused by the smoking and fluoride intake.

3. Apart from that, after teeth bleaching, your other teeth cannot match the newly whitened teeth. In this case, you need to go for the porcelain veneer or dental bonding to whiten your other teeth too. So this is really a complicated process, and it is better to rely on the dentist in this regard. They are licensed and qualified professionals in this field, and they can easily bleach your teeth in a proper way.

Different Types Of Teeth Bleaching:

There are several teeth bleaching processes available and it is suggested to follow the medicated process prescribed by your dentist only. Some of the teeth bleaching process are described below:

1. Intrinsic:

This process mainly whitens the inner part of the teeth and dentist uses some hydrogen gel or teeth bleaching gel to whiten your dentin. So when the inner part or dentin becomes whitened, it will reflect on the outer part (enamel) of your teeth.

2. Extrinsic:

Removing the stains from enamel or outer part of the teeth is called as extrinsic. You can find some stains and brown colors on the external parts of your teeth, and this happens due to smoking, massive consumption of wine, tea, and coffee. So you can easily go for teeth bleaching to whiten your teeth in this regard.

Now it depends on your needs what kind of teeth whitening you want. If you find your teeth with yellowing problems, then you can go for the intrinsic process, and if your teeth become stained and brown then you can go for the extrinsic teeth whitening process. Ask your dentist for better suggestions in teeth bleaching regard.

NoteYou can find some side effects such as sensitivity issues in your teeth after few hours of teeth whitening. In this case, if you cannot bear the pain then you can take some pain reliever such as ibuprofen.