Do you smoke cigarettes a little too much? Is it hard to keep up with the other expenses?

Are you trying your best to quit but unable to? Don’t lose heart and switch to vaping instead! It will not only reduce your nicotine consumption but also reduce your  E-cigarettes smoking expenses notably. Traditional Cigarettes VS E-cigarettes Read on to know more why you should switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping right now:

Cost per puff

You cannot compare smoking traditional cigarettes to smoking e-cigarettes because they both are different devices, but if you still want to know how much a puff of each of them costs, then you can look at the following example: A pack of Marlboro costs 9 British Pounds (approximately). An average smoker can easily finish off over five packs a week. Thus, This means that his total expenditure per week would be 45 British Pounds, per month would be 180 British Pounds and per year would be 2160 British Pounds.

It is considerably higher if the person smokes one pack a day or more. However, an e-cigarette on average costs 19 British Pounds and it’s liquid (fuel) is somewhere around 1 British Pounds per 10ml. An average smoker will consume around 30 ml a week, i.e. 3 British Pounds per week. Total expenditure per month would be 31 British Pounds and per year would be 372 British Pounds. Thus, The difference in total expenditure is quite visible and understandable from the above example. Though the prices differ from place to place, the difference always remains somewhat the same.

The medical repercussions are quite high with traditional cigarettes too, which constitutes to higher insurance and medical bills. Although this does not need to be add to the cost of conventional cigarettes, this expense need not be avoided either. Note: The above example is purely fictional, and is stated to make you understand the cost difference between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Health Benefits

Chemicals: Smoking traditional cigarettes is more harmful to your body because it contains over 20 toxic chemicals while vaping contains a significantly lower number of chemicals.

Traditional CigarettesE-cigarettes
  • Nicotine- It is an addictive chemical. Being addicted to smoking means being addicted to nicotine.
  • Nicotine- It is an addictive chemical. Being addicted to smoking means being addicted to nicotine.
  • Hydrogen Cyanide
  • Propylene Glycol (Vegetable oil)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Vegetable Glycerol
  • Lead
  • Nitrosamines
  • Arsenic
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Ammonia
  • Benzene
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Nitrosamines
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Most of the chemicals present in conventional cigarettes cause severe health conditions, like cancer, heart diseases and lung disorders.


Smoking conventional cigarettes in enclosed spaces are dangerous because they need to be burnt, and the situation has higher chances of going south, as compared with vaping because they are electrical devices that do not require fire. Fire is the gravest concern of smoking cigarettes; a little too risky than it should be.

Environmental Impact

Traditional cigarettes are more harmful to the environment than e-cigarettes because not only do they require oxygen to burn, they also pollute the air with chemical-laden smoke. Apart from these two grave consequences. There is one more consequence, which is often overlook, i.e. buds of the used cigarettes. Thus, These buds are responsible for water and land pollution. Over 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered every year; being more than one-third of the total collected litter around the world.

Billions of pounds are spent on disposing of cigarette litter, as most smokers accept. That they don’t dispose of cigarettes appropriately (thrown either on the ground or out of the car). Moreover, there are plastic fibers in cigarettes which are non-biodegradable, i.e. they cannot be organically broken down by living organisms present in the soil. Thus, This is not the case with e-cigarettes, as the smoke is not as chemically-laden as traditional cigarettes. No buds are dispose of after a few puffs and the litter (metal device and other parts) generate is not even comparable to conventional cigarettes.


The many differences mentioned above clearly explains why the shift from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes is beneficial and required, both for the consumers as well as for the environment. If you think you’re too addict to the nicotine and cannot quit easily, then the benefits of switching to e-cigarettes are quite appealing. Thus, Apart from the costs, health benefits and environmental benefits, one other appealing property of e-cigarettes is that you can control the amount of nicotine that you consume in each puff. Yes, you heard it right!

Just like traditional cigarettes have different concentrations of tobacco content; depending on the brand and type, e-cigarette liquids have the similar options too. You can regulate your consumption and one day you might also be able to quit tobacco and smoke tobacco-free liquids. E-cigarettes look more cool and have a pleasant fragrance, so it is a better alternative for traditional cigarettes for you as well as your loved ones.