Private clinic

Our body is the only temple, which everyone needs to worship whether it is an atheist or an agnostic. Just like a temple, our bodies should always be clean and free from any sufferings. But, there are specific ailments that enter the body even after complete care. One such disease is arthritis that is caused due to the inflammation in one or more joints. It creates pain and stiffness and often worsens with age. The complete treatment of arthritis has not developed yet and therefore, only pain reliefs and joint replacement are the plausible options.

Private clinic

Stem-cell-based therapy is yet to be verified by the doctors as it will be the best available cure for this ailment. But in this current scenario, only joint replacement is seen as a better option for permanent treatment. Many private clinics provide the facility for replacing joints without any much trouble, but it is a huge decision to replace any natural body part with an artificial one. One needs to be completely aware of the consequences of the replacement. It should not consider this treatment until he/she becomes an eligible candidate for the joint replacement. The best candidate for joint replacement is the one that;

  • Has a severe problem of arthritis.
  • Pain reliefs do not have long-lasting effect and body will develop resistance to them.
  • Can invest a significant amount of money on the treatment.
  • Are not able to enjoy basic human needs comfortably.

Do not undergo joint replacement surgery until or unless it is entirely compulsory, and no other option is useful anymore.

One should ask several questions to the doctor before being positive for the surgery. Questions like:

  • Am I still able to perform specific tasks without much trouble like walking, looking after children and other stuff that require the use of joints?
  • Are the medications completely ineffective?
  • Can I arrange the massive amount of money required for the surgery?

One should also check for the various risks involved in joint transplant surgery as everyone is not an eligible candidate for the operation. Eligibility is denied on the following basis:

  • Age factor:

    If the patient’s age has crossed an absolute limit and the doctor feels that treating the patient is quite dangerous. It can affect their health more, then he/she can deny for the surgery.

  • Smoking habit:

    If the patient is a chain smoker then surgery can affect the patient’s health even more as many different problems can arise due to medications and artificial joints.

  • Obesity:

    Like the age limit, there is also a limit for the body mass of the patient an artificial joint can handle. A considerable weight burden can cause further problems.

  • Allergies and infection:

    During joint transplant surgery, damaged joints are safely removed and is replaced by the prosthesis which is an artificial joint. But, several patients are allergic to the material of this artificial joint, and it can lead to fatal infections.

Therefore, joint replacement is the only option available for the severely affected patients, and there are numerous hospitals and private clinics that have qualified doctors who can flawlessly perform the surgery. But, one should avoid this surgery as much as he/she can. As there are specific pros as well as cons of this treatment where disadvantages can outweigh the advantages at any point of time and can bring even more sufferings.