Generally the standard norm is that you can proceed home on the same day of the surgery. At the same time you need to be aware that ACL is not a quick fix process.

The time of the surgery till the process of full rehab is going to take close to 6 months. For the faster recovery you have to follow the doctors instruction at the same time.

Always opt for the best ACL hospital in India. The simple reason being that they have an apt recovery plan in action. Let us now understand on how you plan to recover from a torn ACL.

Plans to recover from a torn ACL

  • The phase of recovery is going to start before the surgery starts. The doctor is going to suggest physical therapy so as to increase the strength of the muscles or the adjoining areas of the ACL.
  • Once the surgery is over you are going to be on crutches and no form of weight is going to be there on the knees
  • The crutches are going to be the need for a month or so after the surgery
  • The doctor may suggest the use of a continuous passive motion at this time of the surgery
  • You may be out of work for a few days after the surgery. It is suggested that you need to be aware of the physical demands of your job as well.
  • There is going to be a need of rest or care for the incision site. If you elevate your leg it is going to reduce swelling. At the same time the bandages need to be kept clean and dry

Once the surgery is over you are likely to need someone to help you. At this point of time the physical demands of the job are on the higher side and you need to exercise reasonable care in relation to the same.

Once the surgery is over for the first 2 weeks you are going to need proper care from the site of incision as well.

  • You need to prop your leg in a proper manner. To reduce the swelling you have to do this 4 to 6 time in a day.

Once the surgery is over you are in a position to remove the knee, but it is going to be painful. The doctor is going to provide you with a host of exercises that is going to help in the blood clot formation of the legs.

In the midst of this it is suggested that you work on quad sets. It does ensure that the knee appears to be straight and there is no need for any contracture later on.

The doctor is also going to suggest  a pain medication so as to cope up with pain.

After a couple of weeks once the surgery is over you are likely to put some weight on the knee bearing joints. The doctor may ask you to wear a brace.