If you ask around, you will find only a few people who wouldn’t like pizza, but the ratio is low compared to the number of people who are crazy for pizzas. As pizza is the best kind of food ever on Earth. That is great for any type of occasion such as while studying, Friday nights or late nights any time of the week, break-ups, get-togethers, etc.

This is just a mind-blowing combination of carbs and cheese, which brings happiness to go on with the entire week. It is the best type of food ever been invented, with it being greasy and cheap, on which you can add whatever toppings you prefer and satisfy your taste buds.Pizza’s dough has tons of sugar within, and our body from time to time craves for sugar, as that can be turned into fat. However, in the earlier time, our ancestors did not have as much access to the commonly consumed ingredient that is sugar, which we in the present world do. Nowadays it has been even much easier, where we can just opt for pizza home delivery and have it anytime.

There are several reasons stating that pizza is the best kind of food ever.

  • It is versatile, meaning it can be had in various ways, either cold or hot. Which can be eaten any time whether it is for supper, lunch, late night, or for breakfast. Although having a pizza isn’t recommended during lunch hour at work, as it could affect productivity level as you will be held in the delicious food coma.

  • It is social, meaning that you can have it on any occasion whether it is to christening, wedding, date, parties, etc. It gives a good reason to go out with your friends and linger around.

  • Eating pizza is fun to have; you don’t need a reason or an excuse to have pizza. It is used for weirdest, wacky, and wonderful type of entertainment. For instance, a guy is known to have collected 595 boxes of pizza, which is the highest in the world.

  • Pizza is healthy, well not as healthy as grilled chicken or nude salad. When compared to other types of fast foods out there, it is.

  • This is innovative, as there are several ways it can be made; one of the examples is a cone pizza. Also, the toppings are customizable, so by adding different types, you can invent some new flavor. So next time when you are planning on having it, customize it whether by going to the café or having pizza order online. 

Variety of Pizza:

It has many varieties to it, and can be had in different ways. You can have bacon, veggies, sausage, pepperoni, cheese, oil, garlic, pesto, Alfredo, barbecue sauce, white sauce, red sauce. The list can just go on and on, as the options are endless. The base of the pizza can be made in different styles. Even from place to place the style of making, and the toppings on it, also tend to differ. Thus, For instance, the Indian style would have tandoori paneer, chicken tikka, butter chicken, etc. type of topping and sauces.