When we come to talk about recipes Then, Even the thought of some juicy roasted beef can bring water to anyone’s mouth as roast beef cuts than any type of heavy food. The surprising thing about roasted beef is that they can come in a variety of best cut for roast beef and each has its own specialty.



Here is a list of the most famous cuts of beef that you can order at any good restaurant like Londi’s Roast Beef Restaurant

1. Tenderloin

One of the most expensive cuts of beef, beef tenderloin is cut from the loin of the beef, it is often known as eye fillet or fillet. Since this muscle does very little work, it is the tender most part of beef which explains its high price.

The loin is cut into three main sections – the butt, the center cut and the tail. The cuts keep on decreasing in thickness as we move from the butt towards the tail. The thickest portion is usually used in roast which turns out to extremely tender and juicy.

2. Chuck Roast

This cut of the beef is cut from the shoulders of the cow. Since shoulders are intensely exercised muscles of the cow, the meat is very lean with the fat content as low as 20% only. This also makes the meat quite tough.

However, when slow cooked over a low flame while roasting, the connective tissues soften to tenderize the meat rendering soft, flavorsome roasted meat. This cut especially beneficial for people on a low-fat diet.

3. Rib Eye

The rib roast is cut from the ribs of the cow, specifically, between the shoulders and short loin. The rib eye is one of the three common cuts of the ribs, namely, the standing rib roast, the rolled rib roast, and the ribeye roast.

It is the boneless center-cut of the rib section which is one of the priciest cuts of them all. It is valued especially for its tenderness, flavor and a desirable abundance of marbling of fat. A classic pan-seared rib eye steak is almost every meat lover’s delight.

4. Top Round Roast

The top round roast is carved out from the upper thighs of the hind pair of legs of the cow. It is not a heavily worked muscle which renders a tender, moist and flavourous roast.

It is not as expensive as the other tender cut which makes it economical, melt-in-your-mouth delight. Other than roasts, it can also be braised or stewed.

5. Sirloin Tip

The sirloin tip is also known as the round tip roast. It is carved out from the hind legs, adjacent to the sirloin. Sirloin tip is a tougher variety of lean meat with very less fat but the flavor, however, is not compromised. Thus, It is mostly slow roasted over low flame over a longer period of time to melt and soften the connective tissues of the meat. It is also used in stews or braised or made into kabobs.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a table at a restaurant like Londi’s Roast Beef which serves these delectable cuts of roasted meat to cater to all your meat cravings.