Natural Stone Floors

Natural Stone Floors

Natural Stone Floors Tiles are one of the most loved alternatives when hoping to change a space. There are enormous sum factors that add to why you ought to pick natural stone tiles, yet we’ve limited it down to only 3: Natural Beauty, Durability, and Versatility.

Natural Beauty

Stones inalienably have an unmatched feeling of magnificence, one that can just have been set up naturally, a huge number of years prior. Not at all like the more human-built choices, stone tiles still hold a natural air – they look and feel credible.

The tones and surfaces are extraordinary and unfit to be reproduced. This natural feel holds itself well in various distinctive spaces, either as an announcement include or combined with different components.

The ‘grittiness’ can undoubtedly ground a space and tie it together with ponder and excellence. Regardless of whether utilized indoor or outside, stone tiles are extraordinary at introducing themselves with magnificence without over muddling a zone.


Unlike different materials, stone enhances with age. It can survive a whole lifetime and still hold a similar allure it generally had. The way that is so difficult wearing adds to its strength as it is to a great degree hard to harm natural stone tiles. Amid the whole life-cycle of stone, you can make certain that it will proceed to feel and look mind-boggling.


No two natural stone tiles are precisely indistinguishable. Their natural developments introduce a one of a kind and captivating feeling, that can do ponders in any space. Varieties of hues and veins can be unpretentious or extraordinary, each offering distinctive benefits.

This distinction adds to the general flexibility of natural stone tiles, which arrive in an expansive range of hues and with a grouping of completions. This enables you to get moderately particular in picking your outline, guaranteeing your space can be as flawless as it should be.

Natural stone tiles are an extraordinary decision for your home, especially on the off chance that you esteem a natural vibe. Their toughness and reasonableness imply they will endure forever without the battle.

Whichever region of your home you are hoping to change (indoor or open air), Natural Stone Tiles are absolutely an extraordinary decision. To peruse our determination of natural stone alternatives, take a gander at our site or visit the Artedomus showroom today.

Green building project is also a good example of utilizing natural stones.

Interesting Identity of Tiles

From slate and marble to limestone and granite, natural stone tiles include interesting identity wherever they’re utilized. Be that as it may, remember that no two stone writes or tiles are the same. So make certain to get your work done and know which material is ideal for your specific task.

Regardless of whether you’re utilizing stone tile floors in the restroom, kitchen, lobby, porch, or anyplace in the home, natural stone includes dramatization, yet additionally common sense. More solid than numerous counterfeit items available, natural stone tiles have a long life expectancy and may require next to no upkeep.

Ordinarily, once introduced, completed and fixed, upkeep is entirely simple. Wet wiping is typically the ideal approach to clean natural stone tiles. Simply remember that numerous sorts of stone tiles will require customary fixing. On the off chance that you have inquiries regarding when to seal and what to utilize Marble and Granite, Inc. is happy to prescribe a treatment program and item.

Each bit of natural stone is its own novel creation, which makes each natural stone floor really unique. Since each kind of stone has somewhat unique properties, it’s imperative to comprehend the attributes of the stone you’re acquiring.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Remember that hues, surfaces, and markings can fluctuate incredibly. We prescribe endeavoring to see the greatest number of pieces as you can before making your last buy.
  • Be certain to do your exploration and comprehend the material you’re buying. Ensure it will function admirably for your particular application, and be flawlessly certain on support necessities.
  • Ask a lot of inquiries from your retailer. In the event that you don’t feel you are finding the solutions you need, don’t hesitate to call us at Marble and Granite, Inc. We will enable you to learn as much as you can about the material before you make a buy.
  • Look into a stone’s Absorption Rating. This term alludes to a stone’s porosity. The more it ingests, the more powerless it will be to stains and harm. The four levels of retention are, arranged by most noteworthy to least: “Non-vitreous”- ingests the most fluid; “Semi-vitreous”- assimilates less fluid; “Vitreous”- the level considered fitting for low-to mid-movement indoor and open-air applications; “Impenetrable”- impervious to ingestion, simplest to keep up and awesome for high-activity regions.
  • Some retailers utilize a reviewing framework to rate the nature of the stone. Make sure to comprehend what is being evaluated and how it decided.
  • If the natural stone floor will be in a wet domain, for example, the restroom or high activity territory like the kitchen, make sure to take a gander at the Coefficient of Friction. This measures how dangerous the material is. Likewise, note that the Americans With Disabilities Act requires flooring materials to have at least a .6 dryness coefficient.

Pros & Cons of Natural Stone Floors


Natural stone tiles are undeniably beautiful. They give the home a warm, pleasant atmosphere and look great with any style of decor. What’s more, natural stone tiles are eco-friendly, making them ideal for homeowners who are concerned about the environment.

Natural stone is strong and durable. It is not as slippery as ceramic and other materials, making it a safe choice for homeowners with children or pets. These tiles also provide a fair amount of insulation, helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.


One of the main reasons why homeowners do not choose natural stone tiles is the high cost of purchase. Other drawbacks include the fact that some types of natural stone are brittle and can be easily scratched or chipped. If damage occurs, it can be difficult to repair. It is also important to note that some types of natural stone are porous and therefore must be regularly treated with a sealing agent to prevent water damage or staining.

Natural Stone Floors is only that natural. Since it’s not made, it’s never impeccably uniform. Be that as it may, there is magnificence in the creativity. Grasp the defects and appreciate owning a stand-out flooring surface.