dry herb vape starter guide

dry herb vape starter guide

There is no way that you can justify the use of cigarettes as they are harmful for your health and with constant use over years, it can lead to death. However, smart people have found their alternative in the name of vaporizers and their salvation in dry herb vaping. If you are a person who can’t quit the smoke but is willing to switch to a better smoking alternative, this is the post for you. Like we always help people trying new things with great guides, this is the ultimate guide to smoothen your path to dry herb vaping. Enjoy the trip!

  1. Preheating is important

Like cooking in a preheated oven is easy and more effective, same concept is applicable here. Before you fill in your herbs, pe-heat the vaporizer for desired vaping results. If you opt for latest technology equipment, your device will be ready to use by the time you grind your herbs and get them ready to be vaped, which is just a few seconds. This step helps in extracting the essence out of the weed properly, giving you a great vaping experience.

  1. Use fresh herbs

Old or dried herbs will crush instantly in your hand if you squeeze it a bit. However, fresh herbs will sustain that pressure without losing form or any essence. Have you taken your pick yet? Well yes, fresh herbs is the way  to go as they will give you a premium vaping experience. The reason is that a moderate moisture content is essential to keep your herbs right in place and extract the best essence without any hassle. Such herbs also lead to prolonged vaping experience.

  1. Grind well

Well ground herb will have an increased surface area which will help the heat pass to every part of the weed in the device thus leading to denser smoke. It’s better to use electric grinders for this purpose as even grinding is the requirement here for a great vaping experience. Make sure you grind only required amount of herb otherwise it will dry up pretty fast, thus leading to wastage of herb.

  1. Easy on the packing

Once you have selected your herb and ground it as per your need, it’s time to pack it up in the vaporizer. You need to fill in a good amount of herb for a sweet experience but going overboard could make it worse for you. Check the quantity carefully before stuffing the herb as over-packing has its disadvantages for the device and your experience. Just the right amount of herb is what you need to get the right flavour and right smoke density for an awesome session.

  1. Inhale it beautifully

Yes, inhale it beautifully, not drastically. There was a trend when long drags became a thing, but no one realized back then that there are more disadvantages than advantages of such a process. Taking long puffs can drag up the weed from the chamber which will be bummer in the whole experience. Also, long puffs throw in cold air which would lead to cooling down of the herb pretty soon thus reducing your session time. Short puffs will not put unnecessary pressure on your lungs as well and will lead to a long and satisfying vaping session.

Purchase a quality vaporizer with various accessories such as e- liquids, Juul pods, coils and more, for a splendid and uninterrupted vaping experience. With this guide by your side, vaping will never be an alien science for you. Also, make sure you keep your vaporizer clean and maintained for its longevity.