Private Equity Career

Private Equity Career

A career in private equity is lucrative and gratifying to everyone. Getting a job in this industry seems to be the most coveted opportunity that anyone can ever get!

Let’s see the ways to improve your chances of having a private equity career.

1. If the content is the king, then networking must be the queen! Private equity firms never post their job openings on LinkedIn or Craigslist. So if any position is not filled, then it eventually gets filled by employee referral or any headhunter which is why it is important to know more people in the industry. You can only improve your chances of hiring if you can expand your social circle. Thus, Seize every networking opportunity if you’re really passionate about a private equity career.

2. These connections will boost your career by helping you to become a part of the private equity community! The first step is to find the right networking event to attend. Look up a couple of events in your area of interest. The next step is to prepare your game plan. Don’t forget to dress appropriately and grab a lot of business cards. Additionally, have your elevator pitch ready. Keep it short and sweet as there will be less amount of time to make a good impression.

3. Research is crucial for a private equity career. Research about the job role, and firm as the questions asked in the interview is very difficult. Very few people have an idea about what does the private equity analyst do on a daily basis or what a private equity firm does.

4. Youngsters are drawn to these jobs more for the monetary terms. You must know what a private equity job description looks like in general. Project your genuine interest and passion for the job role to make a good impression. Thus, Be ready to have an opinion about the firm’s portfolio and investment strategies. Additionally, deepen your knowledge with an intensive private equity certification in the meanwhile.

5. A career in private equity can be very lucrative, but it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to put a lot of grueling hours doing boring work for a nominal pay, and some never make it to the top. Before starting off, ensure you know the reality.

6. People who are trying to land a job in private equity must learn to cold-call. Focus on smaller firms that have no recruitment process as the bigger firms tend to reject such emails. Spend your time to learn more about the LBO modeling as it is crucial. It is recommended to enroll yourself in an online learning platform or private equity certification in order to prepare for the recruitment process.

7. Practical experience is crucial which is why any private equity certification is essential. Develop a deep knowledge of private equity, finance, and investment. While attending interviews, you’ll be competing against people who are older than you but don’t let that make you think that your chances are less. The recruitment process is intense but if you’re extremely motivated and willing to learn then it is worth a shot!