DISC Management

DISC Management

What is DiSC Management Profile?

The DiSC is a is a very reputable online personality development program. It has several modules custom made for improving the work culture, behavior, attitude, team spirit and overall team dynamics at the different level of the organisation. According to the DiSC, the working attitude of an individual is heavily influenced by his inherent personality traits. What DiSC tries to do is help an individual understand his dominant personality trait, its influence on his behaviour and how to leverage it to improve his productivity in the workplace. DiSC started with only one program called the DiSC classic profile.

However, with times, it introduced modules that were focused on different parts of the organisation to provide better accuracy of their results. These included one for the workplace management, one from the workplace management and one for the high-level management (there are others too!). The reason for all these modules is due to the fact that different levels of management have different kind of responsibilities. For example, the lower and the mid-level management mainly deals with one too many situations. They have to deal with a group of people at a time. On the other hand, the top-level management mainly deals with the one-to-one situation.

Different level of management

Since the responsibility, as well as the dynamics of different level of management, are different from one another and individuals can use the modules of their choice to improve their attitude towards work thereby increasing the productivity of the company. The Everything DiSC Management profile is developed keeping with keeping the need for top-level management of the enterprise in mind.

According to the DiSC, an individual can have one and at a maximum of two dominant personality traits. These are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. According to the DiSC, none of these influences is in any way superior to the others. Any person who has any of these traits can undertake any challenging job and complete it. If he has the required skill and knowledge. The DiSC states that the behavior of an individual depends on a lot of factors that includes his knowledge, his life experience, maturity as well as the influence of people around.

Here we like to explain to you in detail what are the behavioral characteristics of each of the four dominant personality trait and how they can be leveraged. So that an individual can give his best to the workplace.


If an individual has dominance as a principal personality trait. Then he is likely to exhibit extreme confidence in his ability to take on any job and solve it successfully. An individual of this trait is an extrovert who loves new challenges and wants to push the boundaries to see how capable he is in the handling of situations. A person with dominance personality trait likes to work alone. Because he does not want to share his leadership position with others. If you have this trait. Then you feel that the main objective of your work is to get results. You are not into team meetings but are more oriented towards taking quick decisions.

According to the Everything DiSC Management profile, it is quite alright to ask for assistance if you are not sure about the job and if you discuss a problem with your office colleagues then you will get a much broader understanding of the problem which will help you find the solution. While confidence is a good thing never tried to be overconfident or you may make mistakes. As a leader, you have to understand that all people do not work with the same speed. So you have to be needful about their abilities and assist them whenever possible to complete the goal.


DISC management

DISC management

In case, you have influence as your dominant personality trait. Then it is likely that you prefer tosocialising with your co-workers to gain their appreciation. While this may be good for the team spirit. But it can affect the team productivity if you ignore the bottom line. You should focus on meeting the deadline for the goals. That you have set for the company and should curb your instinct to spend too much time socialising.

If you are dealing with an individual who has the same I personality trait. Then make sure that you acknowledge the contribution to the team meeting to encourage them and hold them firmly on the goals. That the company has asked them to follow. The DiSC Management profile enables you to understand the limitations of your trait and how to overcome them to get effective results.


An individual with steadiness as his primary personality trait is very accommodating to others people need and is a bit introvert in putting forth his point of view in the team meetings. If you have steadiness as your dominant personality trait. Then you have to be more forthcoming in the team meetings to explain your own point of view. If you are dealing with an individual who has steadiness as his personality trait. Then you shall provide him with instructions which are clear-cut. You should never push such an individual and give him responsibility gradually. So that he can adapt to the situation easily. You have to encourage such people to take initiatives in the team meeting . Try to act as the advisor and give a lot of encouragement in their new task.


When you are working with people who have Conscientiousness as their primary personality trait you have to encourage them to deliberate upon a problem without missing the deadline. You should never push such people to do work quickly and give them time. So that they can produce high-quality work. Such an individual likes to work alone, therefore, give them enough space and individual decision-making scope. So that they can optimize their effort. It would be wise not to force them to work in a group unless it is very important. The reason being they are generally like to work alone and are not very comfortable in groups.

These are some of the general tips that the DiSC Management profile provide you as a manager to help you interact with other people who have a different personality trait than your own. If you want to get into much more detail than you have to subscribe to this module and improve your effectiveness as a manager in your organisation.