Digital Credentialing Platform For Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Credentialing Platform For Digital Marketing Professionals

Credentials and certifications have always played an important role in the life of professionals. Whether it is a digital marketing professional or an HR professional, if you have a certification or credentials then your life is bit smoother as compared to the ones who have none. So while you are gathering your degrees or other skills in the market, it is equally important to know and understand the importance of credentials and how you can garner the required credentials while in school or earning that graduate degree. Even before that let’s understand what or who is a digital marketing professional and what are his roles and responsibilities.

What Is The Role Of A Digital Marketing Professional?

Before we go further into discussion on digital credentials let’s understand who is a digital marketing professional and how will credentials help in succeeding as a professional. As per the definition formulated by industry experts – a digital marketing professional or specialist. As he or she is known in his or her circle is responsible for strategy development. Which can or rather is being used in marketing an organization’s products online.

A digital marketing professional uses all the tools and techniques available in the social media including web analytics, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization among numerous others to market the products online.

On a day-to-day basis, this is what a role of good and successful digital marketing professional look like this. It is a technical job requiring certain skill set and this is where certifications and credentials come handy. What are digital credentialing platform and what leverage will he have from those platforms.

Credentialing Ecosystem And Digital Credentialing Platform

Before you go on to earn credentials let’s understand what is credentialing ecosystem. How you can take advantage of it to earn credentials to become a digital marketing professional. So let’s understand what is credentialing ecosystem first.

So let’s understand what is credentialing ecosystem?

Credentialing Ecosystem:

Is defined as a complete set of network or environment where you can find the entire set of institutes and organizations. That are offering credentialing, certifications, including the individuals/professionals who receive these credentialing, certifications. The authorities who are validating these certifications as third party.

If you perceive it, credentialing ecosystem is nothing. But a huge campus where all the institutes and organizations come under one roof to offer credentialing services through a series of assessments, examinations and tests.

Now that you know what is credentialing ecosystem. Let’s focus on digital credentialing platform and find out how it is helpful. If you are planning to become a digital market professional. But then before let’s understand what are digital credentials in the first place.

Digital credentials are nothing but online equivalent of traditional paper-based credentials. Similarly, to the paper-based credentials like passport or certificate. Digital credentials are online badges or widgets that can place on your website for prospective recruiters to scan and hire you as a potential candidate.