Sending the child to a boarding school is a major decision of the family; especially for the parents. It is a very tough process to pick up the right school for your child as you are making a decision on their behalf. There are some good and reputed CBSE boarding schools in Dehradun but the question is, how can one pick the right school for their child? This is because; not every child is suitable for every boarding school. They need to match each other and they need to fit each other. This is the crucial task that the parents need to do.

Here are some major things that each and every parent should consider before they shortlist some boarding schools for their child.

Ethos and Philosophy of the school

For this, a parent needs to visit the school on their own. You can ask for a guest visit (which is allowed in most of the boarding schools) and spend an entire day seeing what exactly happens there. They can attend the morning prayers and visit the classes to get a better idea of the school.

Current Students and Alumni

One can get the best and most authentic information of a particular school from the present students of the school and the alumni of the school. They can give you the right information about the school and how the study process is done along with additional information like how students are treated in the school and the quality of the teachers who teach there.

Parents and the Community

It is also a very good idea to talk to the parents of the current and past students. They can give you more details from their personal experience and whether they recommend the school or not. But when hearing to those words, one should always keep in mind that everyone has their own set of experiences which might not match with the others.

Pastoral Care

This is a very important thing to check. Do the school have proper boarding facilities? What is the condition of the hostel where the students live? How are the dormitories? Are they clean and tidy enough? How hygienic are the bathrooms and the kitchen of the school? These are all the factors that parents need to know because in boarding schools the students are going to live in hostels for the entire term.


Then one need to check the infrastructure of the school like how big the building is and whether the classes are big and airy enough or not. Also the parents should check if the school has a proper play ground and places for other sport activities. This is because; a school should not only look after the education of a student but also they need to take care of their sport initiatives.

You can pick the best cbse boarding schools in Dehradun for your child but you have to consult with your child before sending them to that school. Their willingness matters the most here.