Culture in Health and Social Well-Being:

Culture in Health and Social Being

Culture in Health and Social Being

When you were young, apart from your academic studies, you were taught many things at home by your parents and at school by your teachers. The things which you learned when you were young, comprised of values and characters, hence, called the culture in health.

Culture plays a very important role in our home and the society that we live in. The practice of culture started way back in the years when the human civilization began. For years, different groups of civilization have established their own set of cultural approaches that define their character in their respective society.

Today, culture has taken abreast into the lives of people who come from different regions of the world. It can be art, views, values, and manners that make a good culture stand out from the others.

How culture affects your health and social well-being

A culture can have dynamic effects on your health and social well-being. It’s all about how you perceive your culture, or someone else’s culture and how you are influenced by it.

Below are the various ways how culture affects your overall health as well as your social well-being:

1. Teaches you views

Every culture has certain views. It teaches you common views and experiences that are required to shape the community in which you live and see things differently. It can be anywhere, such as your home, school, workplace and the city or country.

2. Teaches you values

You learn and share moral values which are passed on to you from your parents and teachers. These values define your character towards your society.

3. You learn to eat and live well

Since health is important for your survival, you develop good practices of eating foods which help you grow physically and intellectually. Eating is also an important part of a culture in health.

4. Teaches you how to communicate with people in a society

If you are culturally well-adept, you gain confidence in approaching people not only from your community but from other groups of society as well. It is true that you share what you learn. This gives rise to a better civilization.

5. Creates a pleasant atmosphere in your workplace

If you are working in a company or an organization, you will notice that having a work culture helps in keeping everyone together and happy. Thus, it creates a pleasant atmosphere in your company or organization where you can work together with your peers, which is also, in a way, beneficial for your company or organization.

Culture is what you become

As you can see, culture plays a vital role in person’s life but in various other segments as well. It’s all about how you see things differently and how you distinguish between them. Everything that you learn in a particular culture in health and social well-being, has a direct and indirect effect on the society that you live in and the place of your work. A culture gives you an outlook for a better living with social conditions and how to find approaches to collective social efforts for your betterment and well-being.