Vaping is one of the newest fads, and if you consider logically, vaping is known to offer a huge number of benefits in comparison to smoking. If you are still a novice and you have no idea about vaping, but you want to vape whatsoever, you need to understand as to why vaping is much better in comparison to smoking. There are a few powerful and important reasons as to why many people have decided to quit smoking and they have shifted to vaping instead. It is obvious that you will not have any idea about these reasons if you have just started vaping.

Given below is a list of the important reasons that you should consider especially if you want to know why vaping is better than smoking.

Vaping is economical

There is no doubt to the fact that vaping is comparatively much cheaper in comparison to smoking. If you take into consideration the single e-cigarettes, which are capable of lasting a lifetime and compare it with the traditional cigarettes, which you can finish within a few moments, you will understand that vaping is extremely economical. It helps in saving you a lot of money, as you only have to purchase the e-cigarette.

The only thing that you need to do is select a device according to the requirements that you have. The best part is that you have the freedom of selecting a device that fits your budget. You can also select from the range of flavors that you prefer and you will be sorted. It is true that at the initial stages you might think that e-cigarettes are too much of an investment, but you can be assured that these modern cigarettes will not burn any hole in the pocket as compared to the traditional cigarettes.

This is because they not only last long, but they are much more durable as well as cost-effective. This is why people should switch to vaporizers.

Provides you with a push to give up smoking

Vaping is undoubtedly a safe and sound method, which helps a person to quit smoking completely. It is also considered to be one of the best possible methods that are currently helping a number of people to give up on the traditional cigarettes that are extremely harmful. It is much better in comparison to the nicotine patches and definitely better in comparison to the self-control that a person has.

Vaping allows a person to choose the quantity of nicotine that he wishes to consume. An e-cigarette will help to get rid of the regular habit of smoking by reducing the consumption of nicotine gradually. This is another important reason why people have decided to vape instead of smoke.

Different flavors are available, which help you in case if you are having a foul breath

It is no secret that when you choose to vape, you have the freedom of choosing from the diverse flavors that are available. The E-liquids are known to have different strains as well as flavors like creamy, fruity, or other similar flavors. These amazing flavors not only play an important role in enhancing the entire experience of vaping but they also help in getting rid of the foul smell or a bad breath after you have smoked your e-cigarette.

Also, vaping comprises only vapor, and hence the unwanted odor of tobacco will not stick to your clothes or your hands. This makes sure that you are not carrying any foul and unwanted smell along with you, thereby getting rid of the people who are present around you. This is an important reason as to why vaping is accepted legally in a number of places and there are a few restrictions to follow.

Ability to decide the strength of nicotine

Vaping has allowed the individuals to customise the cigarettes according to their own preference. This, in turn, means that you can adjust not only the flavor of the e-liquid but you also have the option of selecting the strength of nicotine. Therefore, vaping is one of the best and probable options for all the smokers, who are interested in bringing the rampant habit of smoking under a proper control.

You can start by using the amount of nicotine that you want in your e-cigarette, and then you can reduce the amount of nicotine, as days start passing gradually. This will help in reducing the tobacco intake and it will also play a crucial role in getting rid of the smoking habit in the future.

They are safe

A number of studies have been conducted across the entire globe and it has been proved that the traditional cigarettes contain a number of unwanted chemicals that include nicotine, butane, methanol, benzene, etc., while the e-cigarettes are known to carry only a few of these chemicals. Thus, chances for the formation of tar in the different organs of your body decreases significantly, and the risk of the deadly disease cancer also reduces.

Vaping is considered to be at least 95% safer in comparison to smoking the harmful traditional cigarettes on a regular basis. You can get hold of the vape starter pack if you have just decided to start vaping.

Safe for people who are around you

Smoking is known to expose you to the people who are present around you and harmful threats maybe there because of passive smoking. However, if you take into consideration the e-cigarettes, you are not exposing the people who are around you to the harmful smoke.

Socially accepted

Normally people raise objections when you are smoking the traditional cigarettes but in the case of the e-cigarettes, you will not face any such objections. A number of places also prohibit smoking but there are few or no rules imposed on the e-cigarettes.

You can smoke easily even if you are inside an airplane where the traditional cigarettes are strictly prohibited.


It is extremely important to give up your smoking habit as it can have a number of dangerous effects on your health and it can adversely affect the health of the people who are present around you. Switch to vaping and you will hardly face any objections from anyone who is present around you.