Black spot home remedies

Black spot home remedies

Nobody likes to have black spots seen on their face. It’s a turn down for everyone. Everybody hates having black spots. But, what can you do about it? How can you deal with it? You can’t just go out covering those nasty and ugly dark spots on your face. It looks bad and even creates a bad impression when you are out on a special date or you have a plan to party with friends and you want to look best in front of others.

Black spots just don’t occur out of anywhere. These tiny, mole-like patches on your skin is not a skin disease. However, it has caused and shows symptoms when you happen to have such dark spots on exposed areas of your skin such as your face, shoulders, arms, back, and hands. Also, the reasons for having black spots vary from situation and external conditions.

This article will help you understand black spots, its causes and how you can easily remove or prevent them so that you can live each day free from worries.

What are black spots?

Black spots are also called dark spots or age spots. These are small and multiple patches that are usually formed on the skin. Black spots generally appear on the face, shoulders, arms or back and are in various shades of red, brown, black and grey. Thus, they vary in shape and size.

How are black spots caused?

People from different age groups can be affected by black spots. It doesn’t hit people by choice or gender or age. It may even occur due to deficits in your body apart from the external factors like climate or the usage of chemical products.

The black spots or dark spots are caused due to excess production of melanin, also termed as skin pigmentation. It is also believed that black spots develop as we age, hence, sometimes knowing it as age spots. You may also develop black spots if you’re exposed to the sun or the ultraviolet radiation and skin tanning.

Knowing about the causes of black spots will help you to be careful in future.

What are the symptoms of black spots?

The basic symptoms that point to black spots is the change in skin color with patches of black, brown and grey.

How to remove or prevent black spots?

Hiding the black spots under your expensive make-up is not going to solve the problem. These dark spots or aging spots can be a life-long problem if not taken proper care beforehand.

There are many alternative ways to heal or prevent black spots from areas of your skin. Also, you don’t have to take the trouble of visiting a doctor or a dermatologist for this. A few simple home remedies should be enough to do the trick.

1. Avoiding direct exposure to the sun, especially for longer time will protect your skin from burning and getting dark spots.

2. Aloe Vera is a natural plant which contains healing power and treats many skin conditions. It also aids in skin regeneration.

3. Papaya juice helps in eliminating black spots since it contains alpha-hydroxyl acids.

4. Buttermilk and Yogurt, when blended with honey, helps in reducing black spots as they are rich in lactic acid.

5. Lemon juice, which is high in Vitamin C, produces a bleaching effect that helps in removing black spots from areas of your face and body.

6. Thus, the above home remedies are the best methods that you can follow to remove or prevent black spots from your skin. Following these simple and basic techniques will help you benefit and save you from the headache of struggling with doctors and medical treatments which may also cost you a lot of money.