Home remedies for dry skin

Home remedies for dry skin

Winter for some, is a beautiful and cozy season. Since you get to gear up with loads of warm clothes; you generally don’t have to worry about burning or damaging your skin. The winter season invites chilling to severe cold weather conditions. However, the only thing that can trouble your skin is dryness and rough skin sensation.

No matter what season it is, every season has its own pros and cons and that affects you, either internally or externally. There are many lotions and winter products for your dry skin, but they also come with a heavy cost and may not be a perfect remedy to help your skin fight against dryness. It may not be as effective as the simple home remedies that will cost you nothing and will revive your dry skin.

Simple home remedies to cure dry skin in winter

There are some home remedies for dry skin in winter. Getting dry skin might not be liked by many people, especially those who have to go with their dry skin throughout winter.

1. Whether you are washing your face or taking bath, prefer warm water and not hot water. Hot water tends to burn your skin and cause irritation if you have dry skin.

2. Avoid using bar soap as they are harsh and contain a chemical substance which may cause dryness in your skin soon after washing or bathing. Use a mild face wash instead.

3. Coconut oil is useful in winter. Apply coconut oil to your face and body after a warm shower before going to bed. It helps in making your dry skin smooth and healthy.

4. Aloe Vera acts as a moisturizer and helps in restoring your dry skin to its healthy state. It also prevents your skin from itching, cracking and flaking.

5. Keep your body covered to avoid cold air drying your skin.

6. Avoid using cosmetic products in winter.

7. You may use Vaseline which also acts as a wonderful moisturizer during the winter season.

8. Apply moisturizers twice or thrice daily, even before taking a bath or before going to bed.

9. Eat lots of healthy food. Include fruits and green vegetables in your daily diet.

10. It may sound obvious, but it is necessary. Drink plenty of water on a regular basis. Water has natural minerals and is good for the skin. It hydrates your skin, which is also a natural moisturiser.

Do not fear winter

Remember, simple home remedies are more useful than trying out expensive products to protect your dry skin in winter. If you love to spend time outdoors rather than indoors in winter, make a good practice of following the above useful home remedies. It’s all about taking proper care of yourself, even during a change in the season.