acne home remedies

acne home remedies

You might have seen people having little or too many pores on their faces. These are pimples or, in general terms, called acne. Having pimples on your face can be depressing for many individuals. It just takes away the beauty of your skin and makes you look unattractive in front of other people.

Acne is a common problem suffered not only by adolescent females but males as well. It is a skin disorder that causes inflammation of the skin on certain parts of your body, especially your face.

It is, in fact, more common in adolescents and adults. The inflammatory disease is generally characterized by pimples (or the inflammation of the sebaceous glands).

People who suffer from acne generally resort to dermatologists for solutions. However, for those who are not aware about how you can easily treat or prevent acne, here it is. Yes, it is possible to treat acne without going to a dermatologist. Following a few simple methods can help you get rid of acne problems and even prevent falling victim to acne problems.

How is acne caused?

Acne can be caused primarily due to the change in hormones. This affects the skin glands to stimulate, thereby increasing oil production, clog pores and dead skins.


Like many diseases, mild or severe acne is also one such disorder that develops symptoms. These are signs that clearly show if you or anybody in your family or friends might be a victim of acne disorder. People suffering from acne can lead to many symptoms. Some of these can be stated below:

  • Pimples or blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Skin redness or tenderness
  • Stress
  • Unhealthy food habits
  • Sleep deprivation

Treatment and prevention

There are simple ways and which are totally free of cost that will help you get rid of acne and regain your smooth skin.

Below are the various methods that will help you overcome the skin disorder and have cleaner skin. Also, applying these methods is not going to cost you anything. It’s just a way of treating yourself with naturally available yet powerful items that are easily found in your home.

1. Acne is a skin issue that can treat well by ensuring that you wash your face gently with the help of a cleanser. But, be careful as washing your face too much may cause irritation and may also cause pain. Do this for a few weeks till you recover your smooth and attractive skin. Use coconut oil or honey for better results.

2. Avoid oily products if you have an oily skin. People who have a dry skin may use lotions, oil, moisturizer or gels to make their skin smooth and clean.

3. Toning helps you remove any residue after cleansing and helps in restoring your skin.

4. Applying masks on your face with the ingredients Yoghurt, honey, and cinnamon every day for a couple of weeks hydrates and heals your skin.

5. Building a strong immune system helps you fight against acne problems and improves your skin.

6. Drink green tea as it has rich amounts of antioxidant compounds which gives you a healthy skin.

7. Aloe helps you fight infection and burning sensation on your skin. It promotes healing and reduces scars on your skin.

8. Dip a cotton swab in lemon water and apply gently on areas of your skin affected by acne. This will make your skin lighter, reduce scars and prevent the forming of pimples.

9. Reduce stress as too much stress can also lead to acne problems.

10. Exercising daily will help in healthy blood circulation and regulate hormones.

Effective Tip:

The home remedies mentioned above will help you fight against stubborn acne problems and will also save you from expensive medical treatment. Have a glowing skin and say goodbye to pimples.