Mot Fails How to Prepare Your Car For The MOT Test

Mot Fails How to Prepare Your Car For The MOT Test

According to the rules and regulations that come under MOT(Ministry Of Transport), the cars must pass the MOT test every year if it’s more than three years old in the UK. This case is not so for the cars made before 1960. Well, that’s an exception.

MOT test is all about whether the car is perfect to be driven on the roads of UK or not. Many people take it to be a vehicle health check but it is not so. This test will only tell you about whether the car is safe enough to be driven on the roads or not. The car health will not be discussed here.

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It is important for every car to go through this test and pass it. Here are few tips by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority. This body is responsible for the MOT. These will showcase the common failures of MOT. These are simple ones that can be avoided easily. Have a look at them.

1. Let’s Start With The Tyres

This is certainly one of the most important parts of the car. You need to be aware of them thoroughly. The tires must be checked regularly. If the tires are suffering badly from the daily wear and tear and are not up to the mark, then it can cause serious accidents. Have a look at the tire pressure and also check the steering wheel vibrations.

2. Have a Look at The Brakes Too

The failures of the cars in MOT test is majorly due to the bad brakes. This makes checking the brake system important. Not only for the test, the faulty breaking system can put the life of you and your loved ones in danger.

If the brakes are producing the screeching sound, then it is time to check it before the things get worst. Such sounds are the signs when the pads run low. Make it sure that you also inspect the pads and disc well. In order to do that in a good way, remove the wheel and then start inspecting. You can also see through the spokes for the same.

3. Suspension Issues Can Cause Problems Too

2017 has seen various suspension issues due to the potholes. This makes the matter seriously and that is why it is also a part of the list. There are cases where it is hard to determine that the problem is related to the suspension. So, here are a few signs to know that the suspension has a problem.  

  1. If your car is making noises that do not seem natural while crossing the bumpy roads or while cornering then it definitely needs your attention.
  2. When you park your car, it is advise to spend a few seconds with it. Inspect whether it sits well or not.
  3. Also, walk around the car. Press it at one of the corners and see whether it returns to its normal position or not.

4. Check The Lights Too

According to the experts, one-fifth of the cars that do not make it through the MOT test have bad lights. Check whether all the lights are working perfectly or not. Also, make sure the light at the number plate is also working fine.

5. The Windscreen Can Cause an Issue Too

Do you have a clear vision through the windscreen while you drive? For safe driving, it is important to have a clear vision. If anything is coming in the way of your vision, get rid of them or try to fix them. Also, check if the wipers are working properly or not. Inspect whether the bonnet is closed properly. If not it can hinder the sight.

Make it sure that you will get rid of all such problems if your car has any before the MOT test. To pass the test, the car must pass all your inspections. Read all the above-mentioned problems to know about the issues your car might be facing.