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Engine oil leak is a common phenomenon that most car owners have witnessed. So if you find a small puddle forming below your car or blue smoke emerging from the tailpipe, you can rest assured that your automobile is experiencing engine oil leak.

Oil leaks are something that you just cannot ignore. These are quite frustrating as they don’t come from one place in the car. So you should stay prepared for a trip to the mechanics if you have an oil leak. The stages of development include from slight leaks to dawdling drips which can have detrimental effects on the vehicle.

So here are some of the most common causes of an oil leak that can occur in your vehicle. Just read on.

1. The Oil Drain Plug

At the oil pan base, there is a drain plug. You can access it from below the car. The misaligned threads, the thread that is worn-out or a wobbly oil drain plug can be a cause of oil leak. There will be fresh oil on the side where the oil drips and also around the plug. That is why these spots are not hard to find.

2. The Oil Filter

The oil filters wear out, it can be loose or can be aligned improperly. Whether a mechanic does it or you do it yourself, every time you alter the oil, the filter should be changed and you should also check it for proper fitting afterward.

3. The Oil Pan Damage

The oil pan underside can get spoiled because of running over the large rocks and other debris of the road. Such incidences can make a hollow in the oil pan. This can loosen the seal and make the oil leak.

4. The Valve Gasket

The gasket happens to be one of the most prevalent causes of the oil leaks. This is especially in case of automobiles that have covered a lot of miles or the older vehicles. The gasket is the seal that joins the engine’s two metal parts of the head such as between the head(s) and the block and also that of the oil pan and the engine block. With the sludge build-up (which is formed when oil breaks down due to extended exposure to the temperature) and over time. The pressure gets enhanced that can create failures and leaks in the gasket seal.

5. The Oil Filler Cap

When you find that the covering through which you put oil into the engine which is the filler cap is loose, missing or broken then the engine pressure can cause the oil leakage especially when the automobile is on the move.

Use Quality

The leak of any kind should not be ignored and must be addressed immediately. This is especially true for an engine oil leak. Now that you know the causes you should know where to look for and how to start fixing it. You should use a quality engine oil leak sealer that will last long even after constant exposure. People should not hope that the engine leakage will be fixed by itself. You should preserve and protect your automobile’s performance. So that it can keep you safe and going on the road without any trouble.