Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

In case you are looking for fun-filled and space-saving bedding options for your kids, bunk beds serve as a brilliant choice. But with the multitude of options available in the market, selecting one that is ideal for your kids and your home is tough.

So how can you select from all the choices of style, color, size, material, and budget in which bunk beds are available in the market? Here are some tips from the experts:

1. Measure the room

Prior to beginning looking at attractive bunk bed designs, take extensive measurements of the room and consider where to place it. Such measurements will help you decide what kind of bunk bed would be the right choice. Especially you can decide on the size of the bunk beds which will fit into the kid’s room. At the same time, keep in mind that beds will feature accessories like stairs and ladders.

2. Select the type

Though not common knowledge, bunk beds come in more than one variety. They range from simple to complex and come in a range of configurations. Considering the available space, needs of the kids and overall décor of your home, you can zero your choices into one or two types. For instance, you can go in for princess L-shaped bunk beds for sale.

3. Go for high quality

With regard to kids, safety is the first option. Hence you should go in for bunk beds of good quality. For instance, it is better to select a bunk bed made of wood which can support weight rather than a metal one,  because metal like the aluminum can bend under certain weights.

4. Consider age group

Experts recommend bunk beds for only kids above seven years, as they can judge which activity is dangerous. Even for kids above 7, you must stress on rules like not jumping on the bunk bed or climbing on top of the bunk bed together.

Based on the age of kids, you may want special safety features. The oldest kid should be given the top bunk while toddlers the lower bunk as toddlers cannot handle stairs.

5. Place bed in the right way

Consider the layout of a kid’s bedroom. Ensure that bunk bed is away from any lamps because they can cause mishaps like burns. Also, place the bunk bed far away from ceiling fans. In fact, if possible, avoid ceiling fans totally.

6. Determine crucial features

Different designs of bunk beds focus on different features. Determine which features are vital to your case and search for bunk beds with such features. For instance, you may want bunk beds with lots of storage or place for a desk to fit beside it. Cool L-Shaped Bunk Beds for girls may feature lost storage space.

7. Ensure it is sturdy

Kids may be small and delicate but they do indulge in rough activities. So you surely want furniture for your kids’ room which is sturdy enough to handle stress and durable to last through the childhood years of your kids.

8. Include safety rails

The top bunk must feature a safety rail that is at least 5 inches above the mattress. The opening of the ladder must not exceed a width of 15 inches.

These are all some tips for choosing great bunk beds for kids.