Imagine how you would feel if you buy a painting thinking its exquisite nature and graceful colors will quench your thirst but the piece of work turns out to be bogus? You would be angry and frustrated. Apart from your expectations and feelings that are duly connected with the art, a good amount of money that you invested in purchasing the painting will also be considered wasted. These events are getting more common as thousands of online websites are offering paintings for the art lovers.

So, how do you differentiate between a genuine piece of art and a fake one? Do not worry, through this blog, I will try to line up few aspects that will help you in identifying the originals from the phony art pieces when you go to buy Indian paintings online. Let’s start:

Start simple

The internet is getting popular for the amount of information it possesses. So, before you make a purchase, search thoroughly about the artwork and the artist related to it. See the reviews of other customers and check the credibility of the artist. Being an art connoisseur, you are subjected to invest in alluring paintings and hence, a stringent check on the online store you are planning to purchase the Indian painting should also be done.


Another simple yet noticeable aspect is the signature of the artist. Check the artist’s signature you want the buy the paintings of and see where in the each of his/her artwork the credentials are placed. If the placement of the signature of the artist is same, then it would easy to see if the piece of art is from the same name or not.

If the placement of signature is not consistent, other aspects should be noticed. Like a few painters are known to sign in a color that complements with the painting’s color. Any dissimilarity in this could also be a red flag for you. In simple words, if you are seeing any deviation from the previous pattern of signature of the artist, check again!

Key aspects

Now, when you are keen to buy Indian paintings online, it is quintessential that you check the elemental aspects. For an instance, a painting that is crafted originally will show numerous layering that you can notice from your eyes. A fake artwork, on the other hand, will collapse in displaying the depth of the painting.

If your taste bud makes you crave for ancient or old paintings, see what sort of colors are utilized because not many options were present in the past.

Other factors

To ensure that the painting you purchase is a credible one. Seek if the artwork holds any certification along with it. Nowadays, the authentic paintings usually come up with a document which substantiates the artworks that is mandatory today in the market.

All in all, if you are clever enough to notice all these mentioned aspects. I can personally guarantee that you can never miss a genuine piece of artwork with a bogus one. For more clarification, stay tuned with us.