Get to know about ceramics involvement in our daily Life

Get to know about ceramics involvement in our daily Life

Ceramics hold a special place in history. Ceramics are considered an inorganic, non metallic, solid material that can be composed of metal, non metal or metalloid atoms that are mainly held in either ionic or covalent bonds.

Ceramics are initially used to craft pottery objects like pots, and other hollow utensils.originally, they were made from either pure clay or were blended with other material such as silica,followed by a process of hardening and sintering with fire.ceramics are also used for a variety of things including sanitation ware; such as sinks and toilets, functional ware; such as dishes and casseroles. Some books also try to define ceramics as ” refractory” material , which is a technical term that means capable of putting up with everyday abuses like extremes of temperature,attacks from acids and alkalies and general wear and tear.

We all have limited knowledge of ceramics. How many of you know ceramics are used in our daily life? Only those people know it’s worth who are associated with the ceramic industry or who are directly involved in its application. Here in this blog, we have gathered some of its involvement that might be not in your information. You people will get further things over the internet where you people will get to know what its usage is and what are the main properties that are making this element unique.

Ceramics Properties

Let me add one thing here ceramics are classified as per different products. Bonding of atoms matter here, and the way the elements are bonded together is defined its structure. Bonding technique named as a chemical bond which is robustly holding all the ceramics elements together. It has been evaluated that ceramics have brittle nature. It is used in different applications and having a wide range of properties. Check it out in following

  1. Higher toughness
  2. High Hardness
  3. High level of resistance
  4. Excellent frictional behavior
  5. Non-Magnetic Properties
  6. Poor Thermal Conductivity
  7. Good surface finish

These are the properties that are making ceramic ideal for many things just because of its hardness and strength. It has lots of industrial applications. Now we all don’t need to strive for the ideal ceramic for use. Ceramics are categorized in an organic and non-metallic material which are essential for our daily lifestyle. Different type of products formation is possible with ceramic. We can’t say ceramic is rare its applications are all around us. Have you seen ceramics in wristwatches and wall clocks? You would find this in all time-keeping devices, and it is used in fused quartz tubing 

Check it out following application of ceramics in our daily life


You might have seen ceramic tiles in kitchen, bathroom, and flooring but do you know these tiles can be glazed for giving its different look. These days different type of designs can imprint on tiles according to a different style. People have to renovate their homes, so they choose to tile as per the method of their place. Cleaning is easy as compared to other materials this is why it can use in kitchen and bathrooms

Cooking Utensils

Ceramics is utilizing in pottery, and it is one of the important equipment in the kitchen. Your coffee mug and all the cookware from glazed to unglazed everything is available on the market. What about ceramic knives and cooking Pots? These are the perfect addition to your kitchen and ceramics cookware are light-weight

Building Blocks

Do you know building blocks are made up of ceramics? It is a broad term you would see ceramic in glass, bricks, tiles, cement and various things. If you people are going to build a home then now onwards you know ceramics are used in building material that you people are going to utilize.


Bathroom accessories are made up of ceramics. Therefore, Toilets, sinks, and bathtubs are of ceramic and the best part of this element it can be glazed as well. It becomes non-porous, and it is the best option for bathrooms for daily use, and it will not get fade with lots of water.


We all know how much we need to suffer in pollution every day and ceramics can be turned out as an excellent option for reducing pollution. It is beneficial for the environment and helps to convert harmful fumes into non-hazardous gases. You will find ceramic in every part of the vehicles. Therefore, It would be a significant contribution to eco-friendly cars that will not spoil the environment

Artificial Organs

Get to know about ceramics involvement in our daily Life .

Get to know about ceramics involvement in our daily Life .

With the revolution of technology, ceramic is used to design various artificial joints. Especially bones and teeth. Do you know about ceramic filling for teeth? It will be a strong bond between teeth, and it will remain fixed strongly. Artificial organs are possible just because of this magical element. So, Hip replacements and other broken joints are getting support with this.

Electronic devices

Home-based electronics are having insulator chips including as computers have silicon chips. The electric motor and vacuum cleaners are also made up of ceramics. Thus, Electronic devices have ceramics as well.


Ceramic materials are used in optics applications also. Therefore, Optical devices and equipment are made up of the ceramic materials. They are mainly uses for lighting purpose either transmission of optical signals. LEDs, ceramic phosphors and much more in optimal equipment are just because of this.

Textile Industry

Different processing techniques in the textile industry are the possible just because of ceramic machinery. Also, All the synthetic and natural fibers are made up of Ceramics. So ceramics have been using these days widely for textile purposes.

Glass Engineering

In manufacturing glass, you will see ceramics there as well. Glass Ceramics have the same composition of glass, but it varies from a small percentage, and they are using same components. Glass formation is done over the high temperature that includes crystallizing process of glass. Therefore, Transparency means lack of grain boundaries and pores.

These are the main technical ceramics uses in our daily life and we all now aware of its usage in our daily life. Whatever product have porcelains are uses everywhere, and people are opting these products into a daily routine. It’s important to get to know everyone about ceramic, properties, Pros and cons and applications. Thus, It doesn’t mean only chemical persons need to know about this as you all know this one uses extensively in almost every industry. So, People should have detailed information.


From this article you came to know about making of ceramic and use of ceramic products. We can make our home look beautiful with artistic work of ceramic products. We can also use ceramic in flooring, kitchen countertops as well as walls. The importance of ceramic in different fields is also clearly explained in this article.