Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram is a platform designed for its engagement. People just love interacting with brands and some other individuals. Without proper engagement, social media will never exist. And engagement matters quite a lot on IG than most other platforms. So, this platform has gained name to be right at the top of sale funnel. The issue is that your marketing efforts will not always link back to sales. It means you need to come up with some other measures to justify your marketing efforts on IG. For that, trying out some of the best IG analytics tools is a must.

Let’s get started with the best options.

Simply Measured:

As you can understand quite well from the name. This tool is design to help you see how wide and far your brand might spread on Instagram. You get the chance to monitor new and even total follower growth through this tool.

1. There are some other ways you can use for tracking growth potential. It can be done by using hash tags and how many people can you reach potentially.
2. You can further get a complete snapshot of ways in which videos are currently performing. Right from basic views to retention and even some conversions, things are subject to change.
3. This tool can further help you benchmark some of the performances against competitors. Moreover, you can check the potential influencers, who are already following you. It is a great way to procure some likes on your IG account. You even have Like4Like for that.


In some of the tools, you will definitely come across some analytics overlap. Iconosquare is a perfect platform to help you understand how the posting frequency will relate to or drive new followers or some lost ones on daily basis.
1. This tool will further offer you with a buffer-like feature to manage ways in which you can post across multiple accounts at same time.
2. It makes the service a great tool for agencies or freelancers, willing to save time while managing multiple clients and their separate accounts under the same dashboard.
3. Furthermore, it can show you interactions and comments on every post to keep a conversation going without leaving ever.

Sprout Social:

This tool is more or less similar to Icono square, where it gets to combine analytics with management tools and content creation. Thus, It is primarily a fully featured editorial calendar, designed for scheduling some of the new contents across various social accounting platforms.
1. Sprout Social is best for larger firms with rigid guidelines. It comprises of a centralized media library, designed to manage with some built-in edit tools.
2. Whenever a content piece is ready, you can use push notification tool for updating a person who is responsible for taking the next step.
3. The toolset comprises of social CRM, designed to funnel conversations into a centralized “smart” inbox. It helps in gaining access to feature to boost conversions with passing time.
Apart from these tools, there are some more available. Some of those examples are Keyhole, Square Lovin and so much more in the list.

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