Unauthorized Source

Unauthorized Source

Do not panic our valuable users and pay towards what we say. Do you know that keeping people away from accessing your Internet is actually an easy task? Similarly, if someone starts accessing your Internet without your permission, you didn’t even realize until the big things start happening. If later on, you detect the fact that an unidentified person has entered in your network and started stealing your data, the first thing you have to do, remain calm and then decide to block that source immediately. Some people also do the mistake of doing their process of Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup in a public or a communal hotspot.

This process should be done separately in a private Internet in the reach of your existing router. After that, you have to take care of your existing device, whether it is updated with the latest version of technology or not. Moreover, you have to plug both of the devices into an electrical outlet and also connect them both with the help of an Ethernet cable.

  • Bring your smart computer/ laptop in reach of the range extender and then you are supposed to launch a web browser.
  • After launching a web browser, look at the very top of the address bar, waiting for you to type mywifiext, into it.
  • After that, the home page of the Netgear Genie Setup will display asking you to fill in default login credentials into the required fields.

Note: Make sure that you have the right details of default credentials. If not, do not hesitate to ask regarding the same or any query to the customer care executive.

There are many reasons that may help you to suspect the unauthorized traffic and unidentified people on your network.

  • Lock Down your WiFi

Well, kicking an unknown person from your WiFi is very easy. Just apply some below-given steps.

  • Change the default password.
  • Built a unique password blend of a digit, number, and alphabets of more than 12-14 characters.
  • Do not make use of the dictionary words.
  • Prefer making use of WPA or WPA2 encryption.
  • Set a limit to guest access. Never reveal the login details that are unknown to you.
  • Often change your password. Disable the SSID broadcast.

Moreover, you can also change the name of your existing network. By doing this, the hackers will realize that this network name is no longer available. Create a unique network name more than 6-8 characters. The network name and password supposed to be strong, but not difficult. On the other hand, you can also implement the MAC address on your device so that the MAC address specifies you to connect only with those devices that only belong to you.

  • See who is on your  WiFi

Take the help of your computer or laptop. After that, connect your device to the router. Open a web browser and either type mywifiext or the IP address of your device into a field of the address bar. Now, find a similarly named section or go to the DHCP settings “attached devices”. You can now see the list of available devices connected to your network and also you can disconnect those, which does not belong to you.

If you still found that someone is using your network, even after going through the above-given process, then there are chances that something else is going on. Pay attention towards here. Suppose your network is working damn slowly, it is 100% sure that someone else might have access to it. So, in the same case, what we are going to suggest to our precious users, don’t worry, do not panic, just grab your smart device and dial contact the Netgear experts immediately.

Do not hesitate; lay all your queries, troubles, and frustration on us. Your security is our top concern.