Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

SMS also known as short message service presently is being used in bulk amounts by the corporate sector to promote their business. This is because, this specific tool is found to be quite useful to penetrate into the mobile phones of each and every targeted customer. It is also regarded to be king of the mobile marketing world. With time, its objective has evolved immensely.

Significance of SMS

Sms is stated to have started its journey as quick and efficient communication tool. These days, it is used to increase sales, establish businesses and brands. This marketing form is known as bulk SMS. It makes use of SMS gateway servers and the web to accomplish the different tasks to send across mass messages to targeted audiences.

There are several subsets present in bulk sms to offer additional interactivity and features. Long codes, virtual mobile numbers, short codes, voice sms, etc. are few of the sms solutions offered in bulk amounts. Also, Bulk sms does offer one-way effective, simple and affordable marketing opportunities to businesses of all types.  The other types of sms solutions offer two way interactive platforms. Such options are generally used to create leads, to receive product feedback, to deliver on-demand services as well as to allow customer participation.

Be it bulk sms or probably its subsets, this advanced technology can be termed to be an amazing promotional platform that is powerful when compared to the traditional methods long used. One can use virtual phone number free sms and promote his small or home based business without worrying about expenses involved.

Greater privacy

Businesses that offer marketing entities and technical support are likely to require a proper platform that allows customers to send sms and call discreetly, without actually giving away the service provider’s location. Virtual number can be stated one such technology which offers better interactivity and discretion. SMS virtual numbers are SMS subsets that allow such companies to provide clients unique interaction way. Thus, All inbound smses to virtual numbers could now be routed typically to real phone numbers, managed just like that of the regular phone.

This two-way amazing message tool allows sending and receiving of messages, but without revealing the location. So, The other interesting feature is its ability to send/receive sms globally.

It could be that viewers are requested by any international dance or music competition to vote their favorite dancers/musicians. So, Activated SMS virtual numbers form the perfect solutions. Thus, Organizers are allowed to provide global voting facilities.

Other fabulous features

Virtual sms service does offer numerous exciting features like:

  • Forwarding of sms messages to real mobile phone or email address.
  • Forwarding messages to specific URL.
  • Offers platform by which messages, notifications and alerts to unlimited people or groups are sent.
  • Affordable, interactive solution.
  • Schedule message broadcast.

Its applications

  • Long codes used for song requests, radio chat shows, etc.
  • Media, the television industry puts it to good use for quiz contests, game shows and competitions.
  • For global promotion and campaigning of different types of services and products.
  • To derive customer feedback by ad agencies.

Overall, bulk virtual sms has proved to be more than beneficial for all types of organizations and institutions.