The Popular Google Chrome Browser

Google chrome

Google Chrome

After the successful release of the Google search engine more than a decade ago, the tech giant company Google also developed their freeware web browser called Google Chrome. Unlike other web browsers, Google Chrome provides all the features, functionalities and securities that give you a satisfactory experience when browsing the internet.

The Google Chrome web browser has been developed for your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet devices. It gives you a seamless approach to access websites, watch movies online, listen to songs on the online radio and websites, views graphic images on the browser and do almost anything which you can possibly do on the internet.

Google Chrome browser also provides some useful extensions that you could use to enhance your experience on the internet.

Some of the useful extensions for Google Chrome browser

Google chrome extensions

Google Chrome extensions

Here is a list of the most popular and useful extensions that you can use on your Google Chrome web browser.

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the most widely used security extension for Google Chrome browser. As the name suggests, this extension protects you from unwanted advertisements that are usually displayed by websites as you browse the web.

2. AdGuard AdBlocker

AdGuard AdBlocker is an alternative to the Adblock Plus extension. It does the same job. It has the capability of blocking all kinds of unwanted advertisements and malicious websites so that your data and personal information are not compromised.

3. Adobe Acrobat

A very popular and useful extension for your Google Chrome browser. Using this extension, you can view PDF files directly on your web browser.

4. From DOC To PDF

This Google Chrome extension enables you to convert your Word document files to PDF easily.

5. Skype

The Skype for web extension allows you to exchange text messages, share documents, graphic images and videos. You can use this extension as an alternative to your stand-alone Skype software application.

6. Bloomberg

With this extension on your Google Chrome browser, you can scan for relevant news and read about companies and people that are related to the news story.

7. Auto HD For YouTube Pro

This extension lets you play all videos in high definition. You can also set the default resolution for videos.

8. Google Keep

The Google Keep extension lets you save important notes, images and URLs of websites for future use. You can also add labels for your notes and sync across devices. It is a handy and productivity tool.

9. Speedtest by Ookla

Using the Speedtest by Ookla extension, you can directly check the speed of your internet connection from the toolbar of your Google Chrome browser.

10. Weather

The Weather extension keeps you up-to-date with the weather, temperature, humidity, etc., from your Google Chrome web browser.

An important thing to note here is that having too many extensions or add-ons for your Google Chrome browser could slow down your browser’s performance. Therefore, it is advised that you keep as few extensions and the important ones only in order to keep your browser function normally.

You must also be aware that most extensions, whether known or unknown, might contain malware that could infect your computer or device and may even pose a threat to your personal information.

Risks people face when not using extensions in Google Chrome

The extensions or add-ons provide additional functionalities when you are using your Google Chrome browser. Now, if you take a minute and think on the positive side of using extensions for your web browser. They actually offer you with more easy and flexible operations. Truly speaking, using extensions on your web browser can make you quite more productive in your work.

Some of the risks that people often face when they do not use extensions on their Google Chrome browser are as follows:

1. You get a lot of ads

One of the biggest problems with web browsers is that you often get a lot of advertisements popping up on your browser each time you visit a website. Most of these commercial ads often contain security risks that target your computer or device and making them vulnerable.

Thus, it becomes important that you use extension or add-on that deliver security to your web browser as well as to your computer or device that you use for browsing the internet. Adblock Plus and AdGuard AdBlocker are add-ons that block malicious ads from popping up on your Google Chrome browser application and keeps you safe while you’re on the internet.

2. You get limited features

Usually, your web browser gives you certain built-in features to make your work easy. However, that is not sufficient. The purpose of extensions is to provide more functions with which people can do a lot of things without the need for using other stand-alone applications.

3. Cannot check reputation of URLs

Whenever you do a Google search on your web browser. It displays all possible links that relate to your search query. Some of the search results may not contain reputed URLs which could also put you at risk. Therefore, using security extension on your Chrome browser may save you from accidentally clicking on the insecure URLs and damaging your computer or device.

4. Your login credentials can be hijacked

Most people store their login credentials for various websites, including social media network sites on their web browsers. This puts your login information, such as e-mail address, phone number, and passwords at risk. Therefore, to overcome this security risk, using an extension can help you securely store all your login information at one place and then further locked with a passkey.

Time-saving benefits of Google Chrome extensions

The extensions in Google Chrome contain additional features which make your experience on the internet more productive, effective and time-saving.

If you do not already know the benefits of using extensions on your Google Chrome browser. Here are some of them that can save you a lot of time on the internet.

  • Google Chrome extensions give you an enhanced browsing experience on the internet.
  • You get a more productive environment, especially when using extensions in your work.
  • Google Chrome extension allows you to work flexibly with Word documents and Spreadsheets. Easily share them with your peers through the cloud services.
  • By using extensions, you can quickly check the weather and temperature in your region.
  • Using a Google Chrome extension, you can easily download your favorite movies, videos, and songs right from your web browser.
  • You can translate pages to your preferred language or any other language for reading.


Thus, it can observe that there are both good and bad uses of Google Chrome extensions. The risks that are involving in using as well as not using the extensions or add-ons in your Google Chrome browser. It also depends largely on the activities that you execute on the internet.