Tech gadgets

Tech gadgets

Everybody loves tech gadgets and every person, children or adult, want to have one. For some, it could be a luxury item, whereas, for others, it could be a productive device. It’s all a matter of choice of every individual.

Technology holds the good side and the dark side of our world. It can make us achieve something and, on the other hand, it can also make us lose quite a lot of valuable things. There has been numerous debates and discussions on technology and the use of gadgets by individuals all around the world and how they are gradually becoming slaves of the artificial intelligence (AI).

The present generation is living with a lot of complexities due to the excessive use of gadgets by individuals all over the world. This has brought about many changes to the people in negative ways. Gadgets have dominated homes, workplaces and all that we can think of.

New forms of gadgets are being introduced to the world. These are high-tech smartphones, tablets, palm devices, portable hardware devices, smart watches, virtual reality (VR), HD eye-glasses, gaming consoles and much more.

Are you an avid gadget freak? If so, you are in for a big surprise. As you read this blog, you will realize and become aware of the possible ill-effects that gadgets can pose on your life and affect your generation altogether.

Reasons technology and gadgets could destroy our generation

Here are the various reasons that explain why and how our present generation can be completely ruined by the excessive use of technology and gadgets.

1. Gadgets impact the society and morality

Both youths and adults are becoming captivated by the use of smartphones and other tech gadgets that they have limited the physical society as a whole.

More and more individuals are becoming addicted to the online social media networks and have completely forgotten the interactions in the physical society and the moral ethics that guard the civilization. This has greatly hampered our present generation.

2. Use of gadgets can degrade your health

When people are constantly engaged in their gadgets, they also incur many health problems which can lead to fatal circumstances in the long run. Many at times, people suffer from problems with their brain, eyesight, hearing, immunity system, blood pressure and personal hygiene.

Your body as a whole tends to experience issues when you are totally engaged with your inseparable gadgets.

3. Gadgets make you dependant on technology

These days, people are becoming so dependant on technology that they cannot do without it. It’s like getting addicted to something which you cannot come out from. This dependence also causes many problems and in turn, affects the generation in which they live.

For instance, if an individual is too much addicted to his or her smartphone, he or she starts to ignore other important things. It could be their education or social lifestyle.

4. Gadgets are spoiling children

Children are becoming extremely fond of gadgets, such as video games, smartphones, computers and many other devices. They like to spend a lot of time playing around with gadgets.

They also think that these gadgets are their toys, but in reality, these electronic devices can be harmful to them to quite a certain degree. It can affect their education and personal relationships, such as with their parents, neighbors, and friends.

5. Gadgets divert your concentration

If you are seldom glued to your favorite gadget, be it a phone or a video game, you tend to be diverted from concentrating on other important things, one of which is your education. You are not able to focus on your academic studies. Proper education is necessary in order to survive in this world.

6. Gadgets can compromise your privacy and security

With the development of new gadgets and the integration of new and advanced features, all your private information, such as contact details, banking details, documents, etc., are stored on these gadgets.

This can be a great risk because there are people who practice illegal activities through the internet and can easily steal your information. You, therefore, become vulnerable to the online threats.

7. More gadgets means more trouble

There is no end to technology. It is vast and endless. New technological gadgets are invented and developed every now and then. Technology is becoming big and so are their creations of artificial intelligence (AI). We have also seen human robots which are called as humanoids.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Human Beings

It is true that technology has both positive effects as well as negative effects on individuals of our present generation. This could, however, change a lot of things for many generations to come.


The purpose of this blog is not to persuade you into not using gadgets, but its7 sole purpose is to make you aware of the ill-effects that can pose a threat to your well-being as well as the well-being of others living on this planet.