Charter Spectrum Internet

Charter Spectrum Internet

The Internet is a global network which consists of multiple numbers of networks interconnected to each other containing billions of web pages for the people to access desired information. Internet users keep on increasing day by day because people want to stay updated with all the happenings going all over the world. To access the internet, one must have a good internet connection with decent enough speed to complete the required tasks by the user without any delay or lag. There are many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) available in the market but finding the right one with reliable service is not an easy task. We are going to tell you about a fantastic internet service that meets your any internet related needs.

Brief Introduction about Charter Communications:

Charter Communications is a telecommunications company which provides its services in the United States of America since 1993. It services include high-quality programming of cable TV entertainment, blazing-fast internet connection, and digital phone communication service.

Charter later merges with Time Warner Cables and Bright House Networks to provide enhanced services for its users in between 2015 to 2017 under a new brand name known as Spectrum. It ranked 2nd best service provider in the USA for its services of internet. Charter delivers its services in 41 states of America to almost 26 million people. Charter is known for its customer care services. That is the reason they win a lot of awards for customer service.

Fastest Internet Connection Service:

If you are tired of the old internet service that gives you lags and ping drops in your gaming experience or keeps on buffering online videos, then replace it with Charter internet services, and you will surely be amazed at the difference between them. Charter Spectrum Internet is a high-speed internet connection which is 20xfaster than the typical DSL. It provides you speed starting from 60-100 Mbps goes up to 940 Mbps. You can play any category of online games without any delays and ping issues.

Usually, it provides 60 to 80 ping rates which are perfect to play any online game. You can watch online high-definition videos on YouTube with 720p, 1080p or 4K resolution without any buffering issue. It works on fiber optic cable which is the fastest mode of transmitting bandwidth for its users to have the maximum speed they had to offer.

Charter Internet offers no data caps facility through which users can enjoy unlimited usage of the internet without worrying about the data limit. Enjoy high-speed internet with more than 100 Mbps download speed and 30 Mbps upload speed respectively

Free Security Suite to ensure safe browsing and protect your system from viruses and hackers
Free Wi-Fi, free modem, and free installation service
24/7 customer care service for queries

Spectrum Business Internet Gig:

Companies and organization perform a large number of tasks on everyday routine. Most of the updated firms usually do a lot of transactions and transferring data over the internet. These kinds of heavy duty tasks need a super-speed internet connection that can perform these tasks without any disruption.

Charter services have special internet connection for firms and companies which is called Spectrum Business Internet Gig. It provides a starting speed of 200 Mbps and goes max up to 940 Mbps. It also offers a free Wi-Fi service for all the employees of the company. So they can stay connected while away from their desks or offices.

Security Suite:

Charter internet offer free Security Suite for its users which helps them to keep on doing safe browsing and also protects their systems from malicious software, malware, Trojans, spyware, and from different types of virus attacks. It protects your valuable data with end-to-end encryption method which is almost impossible to decrypt.

Security Suite has a built-in auto detection function which identifies any threat or infected program and gives you the notification to whether to remove it or not. It can be installed on up to 10 computers or laptops. Offers a user-friendly firewall which works with the system firewall to protect your private data and prevents unauthorized access to your computer.

Cloud Backup Storage:

Every day there are hundreds of hard disks which crash due to various circumstances. Saving your data on a hard drive is not safe enough anymore. Charter Internet gives you the option to back up your all the essential information on cloud base storage system which you can access it anywhere at any time. This will help you to reduce your cost of buying additional hardware or software. Thus, It can automatically backup your data on the scheduled time on a daily basis. It’s easily manageable by anyone through the web and servers.

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