Nearly everyone owns a smartphone today. The smartphone technology has seen a boom in the markets of the present era. We must know how to use smartphone smartly as more and more features, flexibility, portability, efficiency, etc., are being introduced in the device, it’s increasing its consumers of all age groups with overuse of technology. Some individuals even have their lives depend on it how beginners guide to using a smartphone. Introduction about smartphones with some pros and cons of using a smartphone.

Pros and cons of using smartphone

Pros and cons of using smartphone

A smartphone can be useful in many ways. Since different people have different needs, these can be fulfilled easily with the help of the device.


We have listed some of the advantages of smartphone device that can make your life easy with
how to use a smartphone effectively are as follows.


A smartphone is a portable device which you can carry anywhere with you. Whether you are traveling, going to work, spending leisure time at home or spending time outdoors with your friends, you can always take your smartphone with you. It’s light and can easily be put in your pocket or bag.

Apart from making calls and receiving calls and text messages, a smartphone has plenty of other uses, too.


A smartphone is designed to be efficient and cost-effective. An electronic device can only be useful if it is efficient in carrying out operations by saving time.

Provides useful applications

Applications on the device help you accomplish your tasks with less effort. You will find plenty of useful applications that you may find needful. The applications are easily available on the internet which you can download.

Gaming applications

If you are fond of playing video games on your gaming console or on your television set, you will also love playing your favorite games on a smartphone. It’s like a mini computer in your hands. Kids have also started using smartphones for a large number these days.

Productive applications

Not just games, a smartphone has productive applications as well. These applications come in various categories that can help you accomplish your needs. You can make conference video calls, create slide-shows, charts and work with text and calculations. These are usually for corporate business individuals. However, you can also make use of the applications.

Photography for artists

A smartphone is also very useful for all the enthusiastic artists. The device has built-in camera that allows you to capture beautiful photos with a click or a tap. A smartphone device has camera enabled into the device which you carry with you. Also, you don’t require any pencil batteries or reels for your camera. It’s completely digital.


We have looked at the various pros of using a smartphone. Now, we shall also take a look at some of the demerits of using a smartphone.

It causes addiction

One of the worst cons of a smartphone. It makes the person addicted to it. Hence, you always stick around with your smartphone. This may even cause social problems because there will be less interaction among individuals in person.

Causes insomnia

That’s right! Gadgets like a smartphone can cause insomnia. If you use your smartphone throughout the day and night, you tend to lose sleep. And, this can greatly affect your health and your overall life.

These days, people are attached to this electronic device and might not be able to live without it. Everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it’s always a good idea to understand the pros and cons of everything, including a smartphone.