Social media

Social media

The social media has taken a significant place on the internet for the purpose of effective communication and media sharing. This social networking service makes the lives of individuals as well as businesses more connected to the world.

Instagram for business

Instagram for business

Introduction to Instagram for Business

Instagram was founded in the year 2010 and is owned by Facebook, one of the most popular and the biggest social media networking services on the planet. It’s not about Instagram promotion but using the Instagram social media networking service, you can share photos and videos with everyone or with selected persons.

Instagram for Business becoming one of the most popular application is one of the best examples of social media services by creating the Instagram business account.

These are the 10 common myths about Instagram

Instagram for business

Instagram for business

Some people do have certain myths with regards to the Instagram social media service. These myths are usually false information which is provided to the individuals, just to keep them in the dark and not let the truth and facts out. Whereas, some blindly follow what they are told from the assumptions of others.

Given below are some of the common myths about Instagram that people think are true to their very own belief and assumptions without further examining with reasons.

1. It lacks platform for business

Many people may think that using Instagram is not an ideal platform for growing their business online. However, this is not true. If you simply assume that Instagram is not a good online platform for carrying out your small or medium business, then you are either underestimating the social media service or you are missing out its various benefits without using Instagram business profile.

The fact is, with Instagram you can easily get involved with millions of users that can help you promote your business on a wider scale. It is a means to spread your words out to the millions of users who use Instagram on a daily basis.

2. You must post daily

Having to post photos and videos every day is another myth that people assume when using the Instagram service. It is also believed that if you do not post regularly, you might lose your followers, or those other people will not get involved with you.

It is not necessary for you to stay online throughout day and night and keep posting your photos and videos on your Instagram. Thus, even a single post in a single day will keep you active on this online social media service.

3. Quantity over quality

Some believe that having a large number of followers on your Instagram profile can actually do you good. Because of this, many individuals feel the need of having as many followers as they could. But, this is just another myth and not the actual fact.

Being unnecessarily hungry for followers in terms of their quantity is not the only thing here. If you are running a business and you post valuable information in order to promote your business online, then you will surely yield fruitful results, despite having a few number of followers on your profile.

There is no point in sharing unimportant posts to your followers who are in large numbers. Instagram lets you post your photos and videos both to the public and privately.

4. Use of multiple hashtags in your photos and videos

Hashtags in Instagram provide navigation links to your followers that usually contain additional information about the content that you have posted on your profile. However, users here assume that having as many hashtags will give you more followers. But, this is not the case.

Generally, Instagram limits the use of hashtags per post to a maximum of 30 hashtags. Thus, if you are posting a picture or video with captions, you don’t necessarily need all those 30 hashtags, it just does not make sense. Moreover, if your hashtags do not link to useful resources, your followers will subsequently find them nothing but a bunch of useless hashtags.

5. Uploading of HD photos and videos only are preferred

It is believed by many that in order to get your business recognized online, you must adhere to posting high definition (HD) photos and videos only. This will help your business grow faster. The more photos and videos you upload that are of a higher quality, say, taken by a DSL camera, etc., will be more appreciated.

This, however, is another myth that has gotten into people. Even if you take pictures and record videos with your smartphone and then edit them with software, it is fairly enough. You don’t actually need professional equipment just to promote your business on Instagram.

6. Faking posts can get you to the top

When people want to get to the top quickly, they resort to the practice of using bots as well as fake comments on their Instagram profile. They think that these are immediate means of pulling in more followers that can help them promote their business online.

This, however, is wrong again. You cannot grow your business in the long run by using unlawful methods of posting your comments on Instagram. Doing so can place a negative impact both on you and to the goodwill of your business.

7. An effective strategy is required for your business

Businesses need to follow effective planning, is what many assume when using the Instagram social media service for Instagram marketing. They think that by doing so, they can become successful in the marketing trends.

But again, this is not true. If you are on Instagram and you want your business to flourish in the market. You don’t necessarily have to undergo business and marketing strategies. Sharing precise posts that reflect your business, its products or services, and uploading the contents, whether photos or videos, to the public, can easily get you promotions for your business.

8. A bigger social profile means more business

Just like any other social media platform on the internet, people falsely assume that bigger accounts on Instagram can lead them to a more successful business with the first step as create Instagram business account.

To break the myth, it is not necessary to have bigger social accounts. Since your Instagram profile can be publicly available. It is certain to reach a greater number of audiences, rather than just increasing the number of your followers who may even not have any interest in your business.

9. You must follow others and seek the same in return

You will notice that users on Instagram have a tendency of following others and want others to follow them back. It’s similar to exchanging likes if we talk about other social media networking services.

This is not a necessity. Every individual has the freedom to follow or just ignore the user. You cannot force others to follow you on your Instagram profile, even if you are promoting your business.

10. Generation of leads is not possible on Instagram

Last, but not the least, many Instagram users may think that it is not possible to generate leads for business.

You can generate leads in Instagram, which is also possible through the use of website links and hashtags in your posts. These website links and hashtags help in determining your business. It also provides various navigational links which are enough to make your business popular among other users.