Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has been implemented and accessed by almost 89 per cent of population in the world today. The cloud has been adopted in each and every industry and the benefits have been acquired by enterprises and individuals. Many organizations have opted for cloud services to store their critical data because they now know how secure cloud can be.

Earlier, there were many questions raised against the technology and its application in businesses as everybody was skeptical regarding the security of data on cloud. Throughout the years, cloud technology has proved everybody wrong and established how easily cloud can benefit storage and access of data from anywhere and from any device.

A specific space on the server allows you to store data and retrieve it whenever it is needed. This technology has saved a lot of costs, improved business efficiencies and provided huge competitive advantage over organizations that do not use cloud services. Data on cloud can be accessed remotely through any device which is connected to the internet which is one of the major benefits of this technology.

A relatively new term which is Mobile Cloud Computing, is on the rise and the implementation and popularity around it is rising. The very existence of mobile phones will drive the trend of mobile cloud computing. Now-a-days almost every individual has a smartphone and knows how to use every feature of it. As smartphones are able to run multiple high-end applications, cloud-based applications are also available on the phone. As it can connect to your cloud storage to store and retrieve data.

Mobile cloud computing completely makes use of cloud computing to deliver applications to certain mobile devices. Smartphones are not powerful like cloud infrastructure. But they at least provide a platform which can make use of a cloud infrastructure to make use of powerful processing power and storage facilities which are not a part of a mobile device. Mobile-based cloud applications can be used remotely using flexibility and speed through the help of the cloud’s computing power and data storage capabilities.

Advantages of Mobile Cloud Computing

1. Flexibility

Mobile cloud computing allows you to store and retrieve data from anywhere in the world through any device as long as it is connected to the internet. This allows smooth exchange of data whenever there is a need of information.

2. Multiple Platform Support

You can make use of mobile cloud computing regardless of the platform you are using. Because cloud computing supports various different types of platforms to run your applications.

3. Data Availability at all times

You can get real time data at your will when you make use of mobile cloud applications. This allows you to get access to your data when you want it. You can also save your data on the cloud when you wish to surf offline.

4. Cost efficiency

This service is very pocket friendly as there are not any hefty charges related to mobile cloud computing. Because now-a-days the service is based on only pay for what you use.

5. Data back-up

As you constantly generate new data on your phone. The mobile cloud application helps you to back up your data on the cloud. When it needs to keep secure or when the data is not in use.

6. Data recovery

In case of a disaster you lose your critical data. The cloud application always allows you to recover your data from the cloud by following certain process. Recovery of your data from any location is possible. If you are connected to the internet and you have sufficient storage space on your device.

Disadvantages of Mobile Cloud Computing

1. Data Privacy

Most of the times the user has sensitive content on the cloud and during the data flow. There can be breach in the network which can lead to the loss of data. It is extremely important to choose the right service provider who will ensure that your data is safe at all times and in any situation.

2. Connectivity

When the service which you want to use is completely dependent on the internet connection. It is important to see that the connection is up at all the times. So that your cloud connection is not being suffer which might affect the transfer of your data.

There are no disadvantages except these issues. Because cloud has come a long way and many glitches are resolve which has made the offering a suitable service for every organization and individual.


Despite some back draws, cloud computing and mobile cloud computing have a very bright future. As they have made it very easy to access data and applications over the cloud without the need of incurring huge costs associated with the technology.