Is Truth disrupted by Trending Technology 2018

Is Truth disrupted by Trending Technology 

As we know in today’s time one is not able to reciprocate equally person who believes them it means he or she is neglecting the truth. The disruption affects the people’s mind and they get confused about what to do in daily life. Some people are not eligible for the loyalty or faith because they do not believe anyone that what is wrong and what is right.

Nowadays, there has launched some latest version with new technologies on the market. The impact of technology is very bad if we see it for the children that are not adults because they want new technologies cell phones and the electronics items if they did not get they ashamed in front of their friends and so they do not take a cell phone.

If you see, students are using cell phones in the educational premises with unused websites which affects the students’ mind. In the classroom they are playing games, suffering websites which are not for their work like (pornography). The parents go office and leave their children alone with a babysitter, so they didn’t have time to talk an even single word with their children.

You see this for business purpose, then there is almost lies words which disrupt or confuse the people. Who shows faith in their client or employee within the organization they cheat with the people. What they said early on was ‘Facts don’t work,’. It just doesn’t work. Or you have got to connect with people emotionally.

So I will tell you about the article that what it means. Nowadays, every person is confused what to do if anything is mishappening in the life and they only blame the technology, why? Just because we are human.

History of Technology

Machinery, modifications, arrangements, and procedures for the collection which is used by humans is known as Technology. It is (“science of craft”, from Greek language- techne, “art, skill, cunning of hand”; in Greek language -logia) and first robustly defined by Jacob Bigelow in 1829 as: “…principles, processes, nomenclatures and any single content those who tie up with the documentation of science and may be processed useful, by promoting the advantages of the society.

Technology has both the attributes of making your life better and damage, physical work which shows the facts and rumors, and people are disrupted that what is the truth. In this content, it’s very difficult to explore things. That the things which are seriously disrupted by the technologies.

There are many techniques to harm persons and waste time. Although, people use their time to harm others which is not good. For example, they manufacture the weapons and instead of improving weapons, people use it as to destroy others.

Nowadays, the technical stream is innovating the business models which is here for the trusted in the institution and cannot ignore the misshapen in a business module.

The two words can be summarized as: “culture and education”, these are the biggest problem with technology misuses. The people are not enough cultured to use technology properly as the needs and people do not have the education to use it accurately.

Misuse of Technology

However, the science and technology is misused several times in the past. The misuses of this should not disappoint the process of innovation. In fact, with proper protection determine and perceptions misuse can be prevented. Some of the misuses are discussed below:

  • Information technology:

It’s the largest hub with the technical stream like television, radio and now computers also with the latest version. There is a large storage of data which is stored in the computer database. Thus, these computer database saved with passwords and security checks, this information can be approached discreetly and misused.

  • Nuclear technology:

Nowadays, nuclear energy is evaluated as the most powerful and best non-conventional source of energy. it is also known as renewable and provide a pollution free environment because of solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy etc. The power introduced by the USA when it dropped atomic bombs on Japan. After this everyone is producing and accumulating nuclear weapons to increase their density.

  • Food technology:

At various levels of production of food has resulted in severe health hazards. The chemical which is used in processed food has harmful effects on vital parts of the body. Fabricated colors and flavors used in ready to eat foods, snacks and beverages have major effects on the cells of the human body.

  • Genetically modified food:

It has created a revolt in food production. There are so many health issues that can increase as a result of the utilization of such as feed. Scientists have explained the fear of diseases like cancer; food allergies and damage to the immune system might spread.

  • Media:

It’s the most and global means of technology. The misuse is addiction of children to T.V and internet surfing which contains their personality growth and skills. They faces the health issues like obesity, laziness attention disorder which is major concern for parents. Its misuses hence affects the huge number of people at one time.

The Truth

“The truth is the struggle”, it’s hard graft and the matter is how they can defend the digital revolution which is meant by journalists – rightly, in my view – are more furnish to the people and it is the evidence which proves the “truth” and the reality which is related to the correct statement.

If you started your way then the word “struggle” comes between because everywhere or in any field you are struggling, if you changed your life then there is “no more struggle” because you have the fight to get relief in your daily routine.

If people didn’t faith anyone so there is nothing to justify the word “truth” and it’s  worthless in the life. The truth word satisfies the people those who don’t delay for their work. They cannot be confused in their life.

Characteristics of truth

  • Attentiveness to wiliness
  • Loyalty to truth vs. people
  • Desire for justice
  • Open about their words

Misuses of truth

  • Being ill-considered
  • Trimming off people how to fail them
  • Accommodation or pad on negative


The disruption is any kind of “disturbance” or “problems” which affects the events, activity or another process. This continues with the creating the problems in the users daily life either its emotions or on the technology. “The synonym for disrupting is confusion”.

In another way, the disruption is some kind of confusion from which user cannot able to establish for any kind of work because it is sentimentally in the problems which show that he cannot work properly on particular “event or activity”.

The damaged or disrupted in the business and so many losses, which the people want to protest to save their business and cares for it. There are so much of disrupted in the business icon which the users want to protest from the damage or any kind of loss which disrupts the business which has to follow the tracking record in developing and managing the business improvement.

Misuses of disruption

  • Disrupting in the work of other users
  • Violation the privacy of other users
  • The material transmits such that it infringes the copyright of another people


The people are not enough influenced by truthful information than by their emotions or by beliefs they already hold. Or it relates to the culture where the emotions tend to prevail over facts and logical arguments this all known as “Post-truth”.

In the post-truth era, borders blur between honesty and dishonesty, truth and lie, fiction and non-fiction all things which happens in the life and contains some awareness that should follow the daily routine but in the terms of Americans, they usually lie in daily life.


The people who make the short film on any particular items or the video is for few seconds is known as “Viner”. In other words, it can be defined as the celebrity or richest person on any kind of applications or the user signed-in to roll along with feeds and follow from random people.

Viner couples this with parallel negative developments in journalism around the world — the slashing of newsroom workforces and the resulting deleterious effect on fact-checking and hard journalism. (Read How technology disrupted the truth)

Viner is on to something when she weaves together how cynical politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are using social media to amplify untruths, as well as relying on the gullibility, laziness, and confirmation biases of their constituencies to perpetuate their own ignorance.

Fact or Truth

The fact, or truth where fact is the reality in the technologies which may proceed as the real things which cannot change. For example, the sun rises from the east and sunset in the west. On the other side, a truth which never can  change but it is temporary and can change the place whenever the user can. For example, the person is on the system but recently he has shut down the system.

Or you can say it as the things which exact or presents in the reality is known as “Facts”. All of us feel or listen, as well as proven by the other sense. Whereas the “Truth” describes the present state is true in the certain stages. It shows the person that it is true so another one has to believe that it is true. In truth, there is only the question which starts from “why” but facts contain the question which has meaning the words starts with “how”, “who”, “where”, “what”, “when” and so on… Which justifies the meaning of the questions in the daily life.

Because of this reason “Truth’s existence is said to be more temporary than the Facts.”


The society which is living with modern activities, they have to stop all type of illegal activities which disrupts the mind of children whose age is ten. The adult doing illegal things on the web like pornography, illegal chat etc… Such type of “truth which wants desire judgment they are struggling in their existence. Why?”

The Educational institutes are worrying about students development. Stops the disruption which has been confusing the person in the daily life and every person wants to lay down another to distract the user minds. The human being has a great fault that has misuses the technology, but there is no fault according to the technology. And the facts or truths which shows the existence of the people with the facts and has some sense. But, the truth is that a person has to believe that it true.