Cell Phone Remotely

Cell Phone Remotely

Whether you are a parent or an employer. You might have several reasons to spy on the cell phone of someone else. While parents are required to monitor the cell phone use of their kids to protect them from the menaces of the technology. The employers can track the cell phone use of their employees to prevent them from unproductive and malicious activities.

There are several cell phone spy applications that allow entrepreneurs and parents to keep tabs on every single activity of their targets without getting access to their devices. While the spy app market is loaded with plenty of monitoring software offering distinct features, it can be challenging for the beginners to opt for a reliable app appropriate to their needs.

To help you get the most appropriate and feature-rich cell phone spy app, we have reviewed the top mobile monitoring apps of the years. Read on to know how these spy apps allow spying on the cell phone of someone else without letting them know.

How does Cell Phone Spy App Work?

You can spy on the cell phones of your children and workers getting their mobile phone devices installed with the spy app. After installation, the phone spy app syncs the data stored on the target phone and creates an online backup of that data. The end-user of the cell phone tracking app can get access to the data backup by logging into the spy app online account. This online account is only accessible by the end-user of the monitoring app i.e., parent and employer.

What Can Cell Phone Spy App Do?

The cell phone spy apps may differ in functions, cost, and suitability. We have rounded up here the main features of TheOneSpy cell phone spy app to give you an understanding of the spy apps.

Track Messaging apps

The cell phone tracking app syncs the messages stored on the targeted phone. Uploads those messages to an online account. It includes all the messages containing text, images, videos and audio sent. Received via default messaging and instant messaging apps of WhatsApp, Line, IMO, Viber and Skype.

Track Social Media Apps

Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Tumblr, Vine and many other commonly used social media apps can be monitored via cell phone spy apps. While parents can monitor the social media apps of their kids to protect them from cyber-bullies and predators. The employers can track the social networking apps of their workers to prevent them from getting involve in needless and wicked activities.

Track Web History

The internet browsing history of targeted cell phones can update employers on the internet activities of their workers. You can find out which websites are frequently being visit by your workers. Keeping that information in mind can block the unproductive websites from the server.

Track GPS Location

The location of children and remote workers can track with the help of cell phone tracking software. The phone spy app updates the end-user of the current location and location history of the target.

Remote Control Camera & MIC

The end-user of the cell phone monitoring software can enjoy remote features of the app and turn on the camera and microphone of the targeted cell phone to monitor surroundings. By using the camera and mic of the target device, you can see what is happening around the target device. Listen to the voices and sounds hearable near the target phone.

On-demand Screenshots

You can direct the target phone to capture screenshots on demand or in real-time. It enables you to monitor every single activity performed on the target device in current or scheduled time.

Track Phone Calls

The incoming and outgoing phone calls of the target device get automatically record by the spy app. The end-user of the tracking software can listen to these recorded calls by signing into the online account.

Remote Control Phone & Apps

The spy app allows you to remotely lock and unlock the targeted mobile phone. It also lets you block, installs and uninstall the applications installed on the phone.

The Bottom Line

The cell phone spy software offers numerous features to track the cell phone activities of workers and children. However, it is require to take their inform consent before getting their devices install with the spy app.