Right-to-left support

Right-to-left support

WordPress has slowly begun to take the world by fire. It has slowly taken over almost all the niche and managed to whip the people to do as it says. Developers and big companies are understanding the requirement of WordPress in order to increase their productivity and market brand image.

WordPress is a part of open source community, which focuses on developing products that must be used by varied people with different experience, backgrounds (niche) and capabilities so that they can simply enjoy it by using. The main aim of WordPress has always being to develop a software that is compatible with an English as well as Non-English users without any differentiation among them.

However, they have certainly managed to achieve it with the launch of the support that allows right-to-left language in Android as well as IOS WordPress mobile applications. This simple feature comprises many languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. The elements are easy to reach, properly mirrored and provide a better user experience that will allow you to feel natural with the orientation of RTL.

Consequently, with the help of WordPress application, you will be able to detect automatically the device language and the interface language change. Nevertheless, you can change the language of the application of your smartphone through the simple clicks here and there. All you need to do is Click on the option named as ME then a list of setting will be displayed for you click on App settings and then search for the option Interface language, you will be able to change the setting of the mobile application.

Here are the steps that must be followed in order to enable the RTL feature in your WordPress application

There is no surprising thing WordPress, the most popular content management system is a robust WordPress support plugins for many languages. However, you will be surprised to see no instruction on how to actually enable the feature of right-to-left support in the WordPress which is highly required if you are the owner or developer of the site. Well, nothing to be worried about. Here is a set of instructions that must be followed in order to enable the RTL language in your website.

Ensure the theme of WordPress supports the RTL feature

The first and foremost thing to do is to check whether the theme used in your website supports RTL or not. If it doesn’t then there is no reason for you to go further. You need to login to your control panel of the website and navigate to /wp-content/theme/yourtheme. Once the option is displayed then you must search for the file named as rtl.css.

If you are able to search the file then congratulation. You can actually use the RTL support whereas if you won’t be able to find it. Then the luck is not on your side. You can open the file to make sure that it is not some file created by the author with an empty CSS file.

Test RTL Support

Let’s not get to the work of switching the RTL mode on permanently. We must check it out before proceeding further. This will allow you to check that the RTL support preview is actually safe before making it open for your visitor to use who might feel that there is an error in the site.

To check it, you need to go to the plugin option and from there go to the Add new and search for “RTL Tester”. You can also grab a plugin through WordPress.org repo. Once, the plugin is installed, when you will open a WP toolbar. Then you will be able to see a new option. To switch your website user interface into the RTL mode. All you need to do is tap on the option Switch to RTL.

On visiting the home page of the website. You will be able to see that the website is now displayed in the format of RTL.

Enabling RTL Support permanently

Well, when you are satisfied with the result of the support than you can simply make the changes permanent. But before that make sure that your website actually looks to the mark and the user interface is not altered. All you need to do is open the wp-config.php option and then add the code:

Define (‘WPLANG’,’ar’);

The ar is used to show the Arabic language to the code. Once you are done with the adding word then switch to the Setting option. Once it is open, search for the General option to proceed further. When the setting page is displayed. You will be able to see an option of Site Language in which you will select the language as per your requirement. Then click on the Save Changes button. Now, you are set to go.

Visit your website and you will be able to see that RTL mode has been modified for the visitors. It is an easy way for WordPress optimization.


WordPress is a blooming product that is spread all around the world among IT products with a fast pace and maximum result. It is ensuring that the website is developed not only by keeping the requirement and compatibility of the company in mind. But also user experience. This includes the language setting as well. As said that it is widespread and is used by many non-English populations as well.

This single step is a great adaptation towards the more productivity rate. That allows the user to be more involved with your site. There was a time when people from Middle East countries where the common language used by the majority is Hebrew, Arabic and Urdu used to have a tough time while developing the product. However, now with the help of WordPress, right-to-left WordPress support. Things will be easy for the developers as well as visitors. You need to keep in mind that it might seem a small thing. But it actually a big step towards the technology.